Friday, March 14, 2014

Obedience united to Mine makes reparation for all human revolts

Obedience in particular circumstances of life which are the expression of My Father's will, can sometimes be a trial to you.  It can seem to go contrary not only to your tastes and attractions but even to simple logic.

My daughter, you must set aside this rational plan of human logic, and cling fast to the plan of faith.  Was it humanly logical that I should be born under the circumstances to be found at Bethlehem, which you know so well?  Was it logical that I should remain thirty three years in the obscurity of a hidden life, when there were so many crowds to teach, so many sinners to pardon, so many sick to cure?  Was it logical that I should die in the ignominy of the Cross and that I should end in the resounding defeat of Good Friday?  Yet all that was conformable to the Father's plan of love.

I understand, be assured, that nature may be tempted to rebel, and it may begin to wish that the chalice be removed.  But remember Gethsemane: all should finally be changed into resignation without further ado.  "Not as I will, Father, but as thou willest."

It is this obedience - reaching even unto death and the death of the Cross - which, united to My obedience makes reparation for all human revolts.

Let me, then, lead you as I see fit.  No one has ever regretted having been led by My Spirit.  I know where I am going and I know where I am leading you.  Be more and more humble and docile.  Accept with joy the sacrifice I propose.  I need your service and I need to have freedom to make use of you as I desire.  Then you will see the glorious work we shall do together.

"An Hour with the Lord"
Gaston Courtois

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