Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let Me open your heart to all through suffering . . .

Daughter, she who suffers with Me wins at every turn.  She who suffers alone is to be pitied.  That is why I have often asked you to put together all human suffering and unite them to Mine so that they can be of value and be efficacious.  The best means for receiving solace is through this merging.

Far from closing your heart and confining you therein, suffering should open it up to all those whom you encounter and also to all the human miseries of which you have not the least suspicion.  By this commitment and this oblation you carry out most surely your vocation to spiritual motherhood.  There is therein no possible ambiguity, no possibility of self-seeking but full availability to My Father's wisdom.

For almost a month you have found yourself often on the cross, but you were able to note that despite the large and small inconvenience resulting from it, My presence has never been wanting to you, achieving in your flesh what is lacking to My Passion through My Body which is the Church.  You have not suffered beyond what is bearable, and if you feel, especially at certain moments, somewhat lesser, I provide within you what is lacking: many things arrange themselves better than if you took care of them yourself.

I love those long hours of sleeplessness during which you try to unite yourself to My prayer within you.  Even if your ideas are confused, even if you find it difficult to fin the words to express them, I read in your depths what you want to tell Me and in My own way speak silently to you.  

At this moment there must be calm, understanding and kindness.  May this be what will be kept in memory about you.

You are at the hour in which the essential takes the place of the urgent, and a fortiori of the accessary. Now the essential is I, and My freedom of action in the hearts of men.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart