Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Join in My adoration . . .

Through the intensity of your union with Me, your prayers, your activities and your sufferings will bear fruit.  I Myself am in you - He who adores, praises, thanks, loves, offers Himself to, prays to the Father.  Join in My adoration, My praise, My act of thanks giving, My outpourings of love, My redemptive oblation, My immense desires and you will ascertain the radiation of your interior prayer plowing out with Mine.  For there is only one prayer which counts, My prayer which I express in you interiorly and which will crop out in diverse feelings, in words and in silences of diverse qualities - but which have worth only through my unceasingly prayerful presence.

There is adoration in spirit and in truth.  Only regular contemplation affords this interiorization of prayer, of charity, at the same time as the radiance of My bounty, My humility and My profound joy.

It alone enables Me to carry out My delicate enterprise on a soul, to tighten My divine embrace and to engrave on it My deepening imprint.

Fr. Gaston Courtois
from "When the Lord Speaks to the Heart"

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