Sunday, March 9, 2014

It was through love that I humiliated Myself; it is through love that I want you to be humble

My daughter, it is through love that I wish to see you humble, very humble.  Try to reflect on this mystery more often.  See how through love I annihilated Myself; I who am everything, became nothing!

Consider Me in My crib, in My hidden life: am I not there the Great Unknown, and the Great Ignored?

Look at Me in My public life!  I was surrounded by very simple people.  Among My Apostles there was a traitor!

I have been a target of all kinds of jealousy.  I have known all sorts of ingratitude, and during My Passion I become as the dregs of humanity.  I could have appeared in the splendor of My divinity; they would have been seized with trembling, and would have fallen to the earth, overcome at the brilliance of My power.  But I preferred complete humiliation, because I wanted to merit for you many graces of humility.

It was through love that I humiliated Myself; it is through love that I want you to be humble.

I long to give Myself to you, to give Myself through you.  There are so many souls to whom you must bring comfort!  But I reach them through you only if you are completely dependent on Me, completely devoted to my desires, completely docile to the inspirations of My grace.

Pride stiffens, pride blinds, pride dries up one's fervor.  Humility makes one pliable, docile and devoted.

Sometimes I permit humiliation, misunderstanding, and even defeat to come to you.  I know from experience how hard it is to bear, how bitter it is sometimes, but I know likewise how necessary it is for you.  It is out of love that I permit it to happen to you.  Take it, then, out of love; in that way you provide Me with the serum of humility which will permit Me to cure your soul, and many other souls, of the poison of pride.

If you but knew what a treasure of grace is hidden in a humiliation well received; in a few minutes such an act can make a soul advance more in union with Me than she would in a whole year of fasts and disciplines.

What an illusion one creates who believes herself humble!  She has only become more clever in concealing her desire to excel, her desire for honors, her longing for independence, her urge to dominate, her belief in her superior excellence.  In reality, she was not renounced here proud, vain, touchy, "ego"!  When occasions arise she will indoctrinate others with her pride, with a view to her own personal gain.

That is the explanation of the lack of solidity in some undertakings or in some lives which were apparently promising; they are like a fire which blazes brightly but which does not last.  They make much noise, but they are like the wind which stirs up dust without accomplishing anything.  Illusion! Deception!  Sterility!

There is no place for Me in hearts and souls of those who imagine they are working for My glory, when in reality they are seeking themselves.  I wish to have no part in human ambitions.

Note this well: I have more need of humility than of organization; more need of humiliations lovingly accepted than of exterior successes.  What is folly in the eyes of men is wisdom in My eyes.  I look into the depths of things, far differently from you.

Your mission of reparation, Daughter, must be concerned far more with the interior than the exterior.  To succeed in such a calling much disinterested love is essential.  There are some graces that I give only to truly humble souls.

Do not seek your reward on this earth.  I will recompense in My own way or, better, I shall be your reward.

Go ahead, your eye seeking My eye, your heart seeking My heart.  You are consecrated to Love; you must be concerned always with making the love which fills your life a completely disinterested love.

My Daughter, be humble through love and not through cowardice.  When it is through love that a souls strives to be humble, far from being submerged, hesitant, and timid, that love becomes strong in My strength.  I make such a soul a partaker of My divine daring.

Be not surprised at the gloom of your pathway, nor at its irregular windings.  Let Me lead you as I see best.  The essential point is to seek Me, yes, to seek Me in everything.

Be not to busy with yourself, nor with your tasks . . . .  You would run the risk of so projecting self in your work that you would hinder My work in your soul.

Busy yourself rather with thoughts of Me, with My problems, with My plans, with My desires.  Then I shall see to it that your life will be completely productive.  Then your activities will be successful, not because of your talents, but because I shall have been able to work through you as I saw best.

Would that you knew the invisible power which you use for souls, when, in this way, you work close to Me, having no other ambition than My ambition founded in My Love.

Fr. Gaston Courtois
adapted from "An Hour with Jesus"

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