Monday, March 10, 2014

In so much as you desire . . .

Daughter, am I not He who fully responds to the aspirations I Myself have placed in your heart?  I will come within you.  I will grow within you.  I will carry out my enterprises within you in so much as you desire.  I am all that is lacking to you and possessing Me makes you sense how vain is every other desire.  Why want anything else save to live as one with Me?  How futile and disorderly all desires which do not lead to Me!

Yes, through all your occupations, from the time you rise to the time you retire; from the time of praying to the time of working; from the time of dining to the time of resting; now forcibly, now feebly, let Me feel the intensity of your desire.  May you yearn for Me, may your heart seek Me, may all your being wish to be Me.

Desire Me for yourself, for without Me you can do nothing efficaciously nor even usefully on the spiritual plane.

Desire Me for others, for you only communicate Me through their words, their examples, their writings inasmuch as it is I who will act through you.

Fr. Gaston Courtois
from When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

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