Monday, March 24, 2014

I am your substantial prayer

You would be astonished if you saw what you contribute on casting yourself within Me and on keeping yourself united to My prayer in the obscurity of faith.

I do not prevent you from having intentions and from making them known to Me, but above all keep in touch with Mine.  Since you are but a minimal element of Me, be more concerned with My intentions than with your own.

I am your substantial prayer: adoration commensurate with the Father's immensity; praise equal to His infinite perfection (no one knows the Father as the Son); thanksgiving for His absolute bounty,; expiatory oblation for all human faults; a sensitive and clear request for all the temporal and spiritual needs of all humanity.

I am the universal priest, answering all the obligations of the universe as regards the Father, the material universe and the human universe; answering all the needs of creation and of all creatures; praying through everything and through everyone; having wished to have need of your union, of your adherence at least on fundamentals for joining the human meritorious character to My divine prayer.

If you only knew how I look for this meritorious contribution of My members who come to give in prayer: I am this plentitude, this compliment which I offer them the ability to give Me.

Unite yourself to My prayer in you, in others and in the Eucharist.

In you, for I am there, not ceasing to elevate toward My Father all you are, all you think, all you do, in reverence, love, adoration and thanksgiving.  I am prepared to take all your requests from you and regard them as My own.  You would be able to obtain things if you really wanted to insert your prayer into Mine.

In others, for I am also in a unique way but not in the same way in each of your human brethren, in all those around you who seemingly are distant but who through Me are very close to you.

In the Eucharist, for I am there in the fullness of My humanity in a state of oblation on behalf of all those who are willing to blend their offering with Mine.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

(Painting: The Presence by Alfred Edward Borthwick was painted in St. Mary's Cathedral in Scotland  in 1910) 

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