Thursday, March 13, 2014

I am the essential Oblation

Let less time be spent in sterile gatherings and come to Me more often.

I am the essential Oblation.  I give Myself wholly to My Father and the Father gives Himself wholly to Me.  I am at the same time He who gives Himself and He who receives in an outburst of love which is also substantial and which is called the Holy Spirit.  I would want to bring along, and include all men in this immense and joyous offertory.  If I have chosen you, it is precisely that you may take part in My oblation and that you contribute by bringing along many of your brethren.

Come to Me and be in peace before Me.  Even if you do not perceive My ideas, My "radiance" reaches you and penetrates you.  It will influence your life and most wholly and that is what is essential.

Come to Me, but do not come alone.  Think of all the throngs whom I have pitied so much the more since I could distinguish in each one the factors which formed them, the distress, the concerns, the deepest needs.

There is no member among them which does not interest Me but I do not want to do anything for them without the cooperation of those whom I have especially consecrated for their service.

The task is immense.  The harvest nevertheless abundant.  But the workers, the true faithful and wise workers, who put in the first place, in their concerns, the seeking out of love of My kingdom and of My holiness, are but too few.  Let your payer to the Father, master of the harvest, be inserted more fixedly into Mine.

from "When the Lord Speaks to the Heart"
by Fr. Gaston Courtois

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