Sunday, March 23, 2014

Have only one wish . . .

Have only one wish: that I can make use of you as I understand, without having to render an account to you, or explain to you why.  This is the Father's secret and that of Our design of love.  Do not worry about contradictions, oppositions, misunderstandings, calumnies, obscurities or incertitudes.  This comes and goes, but all this serves to strengthen your faith and provide an occasion to make My redemption more fruitful for the benefit of your innumerable posterity.

I am there and I do not abandon you, first of all because I am Love.  If you but knew to what extent you can be loved!  Then, I will make use of you much more than you think.  Since you feel weak, you are strong with My strength, powerful with My power.

Do not rely on yourself, rely on Me.  Do not rely on your prayer.  Rely on My Prayer, the only prayer of worth.  Unite yourself to it.  Do not rely on your action, or on your influence.  Rely on My action and on My influence.

Do not be afraid.  Trust in Me.  Be concerned about what concerns Me.  When you are weak, poor in the night, in agony, on the cross . . . offer My essential, unceasing, universal offering.  Unite your prayer to My prayer.  Pray with My prayer.  Unite your work to My works, your joys to My Joy, your pains, your tears, your sufferings to Mine.  Unite your death to My death.

Many things are a "mystery" for you at present - things which will be a light and a motive of thanksgiving in glory.  But it is in the obscure clarity of faith that the options are made in My favor - options which acquire the merits of which I Myself will be the eternal recompense.

Desire that the whole world love Me.  Your acts of desire are worth all the apostolates.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

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