Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy are those whose weak arms can still clasp the feet upon the Cross

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

When this world offers no solace, when the presence and words of others offer no consolation, when all is darkness and your heart has been turned to stone, let your gaze fall upon the Pierced One.  With pity born of love the Man of Sorrows understands your burden like no other ever could.  It is not in vain that you lean for a moment upon His Heart and confide to Him your burden of suffering, weakness, and anguish: For in this He will refresh your soul.

In the final moments of Christ's Passion when, with pierced hands and feet, He poured out all of His precious blood upon human soil to make it fruitful, lived His last hours, and experienced human suffering to an extent we cannot understand, the Gospel tells us that the earth was covered with darkness . . .  .

Lord, in our lives and in our souls, there are also hours completely shrouded in darkness, sorrowful hours in which the veil cast over our hearts hides from us even the sight of those things that could give us comfort, hours in which we suffer in such a way that nothing here on earth could console us.

Happy are those who in such hours and in outer darkness can still at least contemplate Thee, Jesus Christ, the only Life!  Happy are those whose weak arms can still clasp the feet upon the Cross, who can lean their weary foreheads against Thy pierced hands and their bruised hearts upon the Heart that has suffered so much and that knows how to pity and to love!

Elisabeth Leseur
Daily Thoughts (1899-1906)

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