Saturday, March 22, 2014

God's Way of Speaking . . .

God speaks to us all the time.  He has always spoken to us in his language, in the severe and simple language of our daily existence.  We do not hear him because we would like him to speak in ours, in our language of happiness such as we imagine it, through poor and silly satisfactions of feeling, self-love, or even comfort, the only messages that we have decided to recognize as His.

But God speaks to us with perseverance in His language.  God speaks to us in this language, unknown to us and which we are reluctant to learn, of acceptance, of sacrifice, or renunciation, the language of a prodigiously far-reaching, inconceivably audacious, incredibly generous plan through which He wants to save us, us and the world.  God speaks to us unceasingly through the events of our life, through His obstinacy in thwarting our petty human plans, through His punctuality in disappointing our projects and our attempts to escape, through the perpetual failure of all our calculations to manage to do without Him.  And, little by little, He tames us, he familiarizes us.  One day, when we are confined to our bed, checkmated by a failure, isolated by misfortune, annihilated by the feeling of our powerlessness, one day, He resigns us to listen to His language, to admit His presence, to acknowledge His will.

And we know then that He was speaking to us all the time.

L. Evely

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