Friday, March 14, 2014

Expose them maternally to the warmth of My love

How many priests are annoyed, embittered, discouraged.  They do not know how to find their place in the design of salvation.  I am quite ready to purify them and put them in their place if they are docile to My Spirit's action.  It is up to you to present them to Me, expose them maternally to the warmth of My love.  Think of young priests, full of apostolic fervor and abundant zeal, who think they can reform the Church without starting out by reforming themselves.

Think of older priests who think they have means handy and are so readily inclined to ignore Me.  

Think of elderly priests, exposed to be misunderstood by the young, feeling themselves outdated and often set aside.  They are preeminently in the fruitful period of their lives when privation comes about and sanctifies them to the extent they accept it with love.

Think of your dying priests.  Obtain for them confidence for giving themselves over to My mercy.  Their faults, their mistakes, their abundant blunders are long since wiped away.  I remember the enthusiasm of their first donation, efforts and fatigue which they accepted for My sake.

"When Jesus Speaks to the Heart"

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