Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Eucharistic Transfiguration

My daughter, in My state of victim, I offer Myself unceasingly to the Father, desiring ardently to be able to unite your offering to Mine.

I await your adoration and your thanksgiving, to blend them with My hymn of glory.

I am always ready to take into account your thoughts, your activities, your joys and your sorrows, your efforts and your sacrifices, to give them their full value and efficacy, for your own profit and for that of the whole Church.

Yet it is necessary that you be in a state of oblation and of communion with Me.  To help you to be so, I offer Myself to you.

I stand at the door of your heart and I knock discreetly.  I offer Myself to you in Holy Communion; I offer Myself to you in the Tabernacle.  I await your reply.

Distraction, oversights, negligences, self-centeredness, preoccupations that are too human, faith that is to timid - these and other reasons make you deaf in one ear.

Then I pass by . . . hopping for better dispositions in you; but what a loss for you and for others!

If you but knew how much I thirst for your thirst for Me; how I hunger that you may hunger for Me!  It is your failure to understand your need of Me which makes your desire so weak, and it is the weakness of your desire which makes you heedless or inattentive to My appeals.

Who is your God: is it I or you? . . .

Then, why do you not think more of Me than yourself?

My daughter, look at the fig leaf, so green and so large.  If it did not cling  by its stem to the branch by which it is attached to the trunk, it would be dried up very quickly.  The image of it is reproduced in you.  Every Communion, even a spiritual communion, is like a new rising of sap which nourishes you, expands you, and enriches you in proportion as you are united to Me or aspire after Me.

How I wish you would get to the point where you would see with My eyes, love with My Heart, act with My power.  That is the life of communion.

Some day you will have a very different appreciation of earthly things from that which you have now.  You will gauge them with My scale of values.  From this moment why not act according to My ideas?

Some day you will understand how much you should have loved Me, and you will be convinced that is is only love which counts.  Love, with the same love with which I love Myself, all those whom I give you to serve.  Why lose time in doing anything else, in self-seeking?

Some day you will be astonished at the power I have given you over My Heart for the salvation of souls.  How much you will regret not having profited more from it!  Since there is still time, then use your power to the fullest by praying in My prayer and by acting under My influence.

The most simple actions performed in union with My power save and sanctify souls.  If you disappear in Me, I shall appear in you.  I am the power needed for salvation, the power needed for sanctity.

Come to Me often and lead others to Me.  You are well aware that from Me go forth rays which can cure all.

Am I not infinite, and do not those radiations corresponding to the needs of souls go forth from Me?  Name one by one the blind souls whom you know, the deaf, the mute, the lepers, the paralytics.  When you  speak of them to Me, it is as if you brought them to My feet.  Provided they show no voluntary resistance, I look upon them, I console them, I cure them.

When you come to visit Me in the tabernacle and when you communicate, come in a community spirit, in the spirit of the Church.

Reflect that you are not alone, but that you are a very dear unit of a great ensemble, a precious cell of My Mystical Body.

All that you ask, ask in union with those who pray and in the name of those who do not pray.

All that you receive, assimilate in union with those who receive Me and in the name of those who do not receive Me.

Whatever I give you, accept gratefully for yourself for souls who need it.

So, while nourishing your soul with My Eucharistic Body, by your oblation you nourish My Body, which is the Church.  By drawing closer to the bonds that bind you with your brothers and sisters on earth, you make more intense the vital changes among victorious, suffering, and militant cells of My Mystical Body.  You increase the unity of My Church, and you hasten the hour when My Paschal prayer will become a reality: "That they may be one, even as we, Father are one."

"An Hour with the Lord - Admirable Exchange"

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