Thursday, March 6, 2014

Do you realize that in calling you . . . I have have called you to give me birth and to make me grow in other souls?

My daughter, I have done so much for you, and I have yet so much to do for you.  "If thou didst know the gift of God."  If you only knew what it really means to have God feel the need of His creatures so that He might give Himself to them, to fill them with Himself, and to give Himself to the world through them. . .

My daughter, I love you infinitely more than you can desire; beyond you and through you I love the souls whom I have associated with yours, all the souls of priests whom I have commissioned you to help, to care for, to nourish.

Do you realize that in calling you . . . I have have called you to give me birth and to make me grow in other souls?

It depends upon you that there be more and more of Me in the world.

Come to Me with confidence.  Forget yourself.  You are still too busy with yourself, with the interest of your soul, with the concerns of your work . . .

Think of Me more often, and I will take care of you as well as of all for which you are responsible.

You know full well how to lead hearts and events to My own purposes.  I know how to inspire you with the thoughts I want you to have, with the words I want you to say, with what I want you to do.

But first give yourself to Me sincerely, loyally, completely.

I hunger for you.  I search throughout the world, but particularly in compassionate hearts for wherewith to appease my hunger.  The problem for Me is how I shall be able to nourish the weakened cells of My Mystical Body.  In them I hunger; in them I thirst; in them I suffer.

I hunger with love to nourish the many souls who are fainting by the wayside.  Give Me acts of faith to permit Me to enlighten those who doubt; acts of obedience to make them pliant, to make them docile to My voice; to purity them of their vices; acts of charity, above all, that I may show mercy to them and fill them with My love.

Banish from your heart all bitterness, all harshness.  Would you want to offer gall for My nourishment?  Let there not be in yourself any murmuring, criticism, or retaliation.

Your life should be a perpetual gift of yourself.  The manner of giving, however, is worth more than what one gives.  Come to Me with a smiling soul and let a great current of love pass through everything that you do.

My daughter, you are blessed among women.  I have chosen you not that you might be vain about it, but in order that you might cooperate with Me in nourishing the multitude of priests whom I so pity.

Even when you are immersed in exterior activity, sometimes intense activity, which is to be expected,  make Me feel that you are still always united with Me, that I mean most of all to you, that you do not forget Me, that you seek Me in everything and everyone.

Then your love will grow, and through your love for Me I shall gain more hearts in the world.

Fr. Gaston Courtois
Adapted from "An Hour with Jesus"

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