Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Do not be frightened by the thought of the cross, because my grace is there to sustain you

Daughter, I have not taken possession of you deceitfully.  You knew what you were doing when you gave yourself to me for the sanctification of my priests and reparation of sins.  If anyone wishes to come after me, let her know how to refuse herself.  Let her take up her cross and follow me.  I must be able to count on you to cast out devils.  There are devils which are cast out only by fasting and prayer.

I count on you to give my life to all those around you, and to give it to them abundantly.  It is by sacrifice that we give life to the world.  I must be able to count on you to spread the fire of my charity over the entire earth.  Charity grows as self-love diminishes.

Be generous.  There are some graces which I can grant to you only if you are a woman of sacrifice.  There are some souls whom you can convert only if you are detached.  There are some joys which you can know only if you are united to me on the cross.  All holy souls who have really done good in their lives have been women of mortification.

Is it not true that there are some sacrifices which you cannot logically ask of souls, if you have not made them yourself?  The pagan spirit recedes as the Christian spirit, which is the spirit of the cross, grows.  Do not be frightened by the thought of the cross, because my grace is there to sustain you.  It is I who suffer in you and make your suffering fruitful.  Do not draw back before a sacrifice which is asked of you.  My Father is only try to lop off whatever prevents my sap from spreading through you and making you fruitful.  I do not ask extraordinary mortifications from you.  There are, however, so may little mortifications which do not injure your health or interfere with the duty of your state of life, which you could and should carry out.

Be vigilant.  As long as you are on earth, you are not confirmed in grace.  Remember my exhortation: "Watch ye, and pray that ye enter not into temptation.  The spirit is indeed willing, but the flesh is weak."  Yes, I know that you are well disposed.  Yet do not consider yourself stronger than others.  Be humble, be prudent.  Mortify yourself.

Fr. Gaston Courtois
Adapted from "Before His Face"

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