Sunday, March 9, 2014

Disappear in Me; then I shall appear in you

My daughter, come close to Me more often.  Seek me in the tabernacle where you will find Me always.  Come to resume silently your union with Me.

In that union you will find, unconsciously, the secret of drawing souls to Me . . . In that union with Me you will learn also the art of understanding souls from within, a fundamental condition for a true understanding of them.

In that union you will grasp finally My plan of love for each soul.  You will understand then the most efficacious way of guiding them safely in the way of salvation and of perfection.

Give to people and to things the consideration I give to them.  The real value of a creature is the intensity of love which animates it.  The degree of love to which they have attained makes the difference between souls.

What you ought to desire over and above, through all, concerning all, is the growth of your degree of love in you and in others.  According to the increase of your charity will you work effectively to make Me grow in this world.

My daughter, do nothing without putting into it all the love of which you are capable.  It is better

not to see than to see without love;
not to speak than to speak without love;
not to smile than to smile without love;
not to pray than to pray without love.

Keep up unceasingly in your heart the sacred fire of love.  Reanimate it by the hard wood of sacrifice.  Purify it by self-renunciation in little things as in great.  Keep it glowing by the ardor of your generosity.  Then there will burn always in you a consuming fire that is Myself.

How quickly the world would be transformed if all souls were in truth burning furnaces of charity.  It is not from above, it is from within that I consider the world.  Without ceasing, I look for, I hope for acts of love from my daughters on earth.  It is only during your earthly life that you can offer Me a meritorious love.  It is your love that makes Me grow in the world.  Yet is must be a love that is stronger than the egotism, indifference, hostility, hatred which I find in so many cells of My sorrowful Body.

Graces are not wanting.  But you must watch that you do not forfeit grace.  For that reason, put yourself under the protection of My Mother, who will teach you better than any one else the secret of remaining faithful in love.

Be so detached from yourself and so attached to Me that people will feel Me in you, and that My power may work with no false movement on your part to counteract its influence.

Disappear in Me; then I shall appear in you.

I have graces for you, as for every soul, which the world does not suspect.  You should thank Me for unknown graces which you receive as well as for those which are seen and appreciated.  Without ceasing you should think, desire, and say to Me: "O Lord, that all the world might love You!"  Be assured that at each such appeal, virtue goes out from Me to cheer a poor agonizing soul.

Think, then, more often of your power . . .

Love deeply the souls that you have in your charge.

There are the souls that you see.  There are souls, far more numerous, that you do not see.  They are your numerous posterity.  Be to them a loving and devoted mother.

She who does not share the burden of those in her charge has not understood My Gospel.  She who does not bend over the souls of those entrusted to her with a selfless devotedness has not understood her mission of spiritual maternity . . . .

Teach souls by your life, by your words, by example, to grow in charity.  All the rest will be added unto them.

Much patience and gentleness are needed in the work for souls.  Be not a Boanerges, a daughter of thunder, or you run the risk of spoiling My work.  Gently and strongly.

Seek in every soul the most likely moments for My grace to act.  Your sincere love will help you to discover them.  They have even distorted Me in the eyes of men.  See, for example, how they have caricatured, demeaned, cheapened My charity.  It is the mission of every soul to make Me known as I am.  Do you want to try?