Monday, March 3, 2014

Be Mindful of My Priests

My daughter, there is nothing of more intimate concern to My heart than that which concerns My priests.  Are these not My chosen ones, My favorites, My well-beloved: those into whose hands I have given Myself; those at whose word I have been obedient; those at whose word I leave heaven for earth; those by whom I give Myself, and through whom I pardon; those on whom I depend for the restoring of My kingdom, for the growth of My life throughout the world - in a word, those on whom I depend to glorify My Father?

My daughter, whom I have chosen from among thousands of others, who, by extending the influence of My Mother, are blessed among women, be mindful of your duties and your responsibilities towards My priests.

Pay strict attention to this: it was in the womb of My Mother that, taking a body and a soul, I was made a priest.  The oblation of My Mother, expressed by her "Behold the handmaid of the Lord," was the requisite for My Incarnation and then for My priestly ordination.  At the moment when I assumed humanity I was made universal priest.  The priestly ordinations which have taken place in the centuries since that time are only prolongations of the essential ordination which was effected so silently in that living cathedral, the heart of My Mother.

The more you will be a victim like Mary, in Mary, with Mary, the more priests there will be in Me, by Me, with Me.

The great problem - that which prevails over all others, on which the peace of the world and the salvation of many souls depend - is essentially the sanctity of My priests.  Wherever there is a zealous priest, whether in a parish, in a college, in a special assignment, in a hospital, in a foreign mission, by him My love is spread to all souls.  "I have come to cast fire upon earth"; the official distributors of this fire are primarily My priests.

Every priest validly ordained can confer the sacraments validly.  The sanctity of priest is so important, however, that the effect of the sacraments - although they have their own value - is given to souls more fully only if holy priests, by their life of charity, of prayer, and of self-sacrifice, prepare souls to profit fully by the graces given them.

Then, too, the sanctity of the priests depends in large measure on the generosity and on the fervor of your souls, who are destined to extend the knowledge of My Mother in the world, as the priest is to continue Me.

On the day of My Ascension, I asked the Holy Women to accompany My Mother, and then by their prayers to be a source of strength to the Apostles in their preparation for the Holy Spirit who would transform them into dauntless missionaries on fire with My love.  From the beginning of the Church holy women have played an important role in the service of the priesthood.  You, who are their successors, have a special mission of petition, of thanksgiving, and of reparation in order that priests may, in very truth, be other Christs.

Fr. Gaston Courtois
"An Hour with Jesus"


  1. Goodness - I love this one so much! We are the successors of Mary and her companions - what a compelling thought.