Thursday, March 13, 2014

Be in a state of oblation

I am He who offers.  Unite with My offerings to the Father; in homage of praise and all human joys; joys of friendship, joys of art, joys of repose, joys of work accomplished, joy, above all, of intimacy with Me and of devotion to My service through the neighbor.

Offer Me the myrrh of all human sufferings, sufferings of the mind, sufferings of the body, sufferings of the heart, sufferings of the dying, the imprisoned, the injured, the lonely.

Call on Me sweetly, calmly, lovingly, to help all who are suffering and you will give worth to their sorrows on uniting them to Mine, obtaining for them the favor of alleviation and, in any case, of consolation.

Offer Me the gold of all acts of charity, of kindness, of benevolence, of friendliness, of devotion which in one way or another are lavishly poured out over the earth.  I see things with the eye of love and what I watch for are human endeavors based on forgetfulness of self.

Offer them to Me that I may promote them and that I may feed on them for My growth in the world.  Oblation is the key which opens up the waves of graces for souls.

from "When Jesus speaks to the Heart"
by Fr. Gaston Courtois