Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Adore through Me

Place yourself under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and now move gently into Me to make a prayer of adoration of the Father.  Dwell thus in My prayer, but be active therein by the loving and humble wish to unite yourself to My praise.  Your mind cannot understand it.  How could you, you who are nothing, possess the Infinite, but through Me, with Me, in Me, you render the Father plenary homage.

Remain silent saying nothing.  Through Me render this homage to the Father in union with all souls who live in contemplation and true charity the plenary gift they make of themselves to Me.  Render it also in the name of all those who do not know Us, who are indifferent, agnostics or hostile.  You never know the ray of light which a homage or a plea emitted in their place can work in a soul seemingly closed.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

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