Wednesday, March 19, 2014

a tiny streamlet of love

Let your first reaction when you suffer be to unite yourself to Me who feels within you the pain you feel.  Let your second reaction be to offer it up with all the love of which you feel capable, joining it to My ceaseless oblation.  Then, do no think too much about yourself who but passes away.  Think about Me, who never ceases taking on, until the end of time, the present sufferings of men on the earth but who can only make use of them to the benefit of all those whence flows at least a tiny streamlet of love.

When you feel poor and inconsequential, so much the more come to Me.  Perhaps you won't have fine ideas, but My Spirit will take you over and what you will have absorbed unconsciously will rise at the opportune moment for the greatest good of many souls.

"When the Lord Speaks to the Heart"