Monday, March 31, 2014

The greatest thing you could ask for a priest

My daughter, I love very much to see you spend an hour with Me living in the host.  But do not ever come alone.  Bring along all the souls of priests I mysteriously linked to yours and humbly make yourself a channel of My divine radiance.

Nothing is useless; not the least sacrifice, activity or suffering, when they are living in a state of oblation.

Pray that priests be more and more the hosts of their Priesthood.  A priesthood not in keeping with the oblation of the priest is a deformed priesthood.  It is in danger of being sterile and of obstructing My redemption.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

What touches hearts . . .

My Daughter . . .words, of course, are necessary, useful structures, but what touches hearts is My presence, perceived and as it were felt through one of Mine.  There is emanating from Me, a radiance which is not deceptive.

This is what I expect from you more and more.  By dint of looking at Me, contemplating Me, My divine radiance penetrates you, permeates you without your having to say a word.  Yet when the occasion arises, your words are charged with My light and become efficacious.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Pray that priests truly offer themselves


You must pray especially for those who have been called to serve at My altar.  For the priest must be the first host of his priesthood.  The offering of himself must join Mine to the benefit of the multitude.  Whenever He fails to do this, there is great loss for many souls. Each time he does patiently and lovingly there is right away a priceless growth of love of Me in this world.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The true apostolate

The whole question of the evangelization of the world is one of faith and love.  How does one succeed in persuading people of this?  This is where your ardent desire must make My love outstanding, evident to others.  There, of course, is the whole problem, that is, to make love grow in the hearts of people living in our society today.  Love has to be drawn from its source, from within Me.

Daughter, it is important that in society, in every country, not only among the laity but also among priests, there be multiplied righteous and simple souls.  There must be an increase of those souls who are attentive to My thoughts and My concerns, who strive to realize them throughout their lives, who manifest Me quietly in their entourage and who attract to Me all those whom they meet.  Therein is the true apostolate, detachment from self for helping others handle their problems.  Who better than I can not only give the solution to them but provide the means to overcome them?

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

The necessary humility of the true apostle

Daughter, to be a missionary is not primarily to be an activist in My service.  It is primarily to set going the concrete efficacy of My redemptive presence.  So long as you are on earth you do not see at all the result of this apostolic oblation, the bringing about of the necessary humility of the true apostle.  My redemptive presence is also exercised in depth and in simple faith by the true apostle.  Believe this, thus it is that through the movements of My grace, unexpected conversions are brought about in the depths of hearts and that blessings which make them fruitful are granted through the labors of the apostles.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Thursday, March 27, 2014

For wide is the gate and broad is the road

There are so many who imagine that their natural dynamism, their subtle intelligence, their strength of character will enable them to reach their ends.  The wretched!  How great will be their disappointment and often their indignation at their first failure . . . 

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What do you desire?

Do you desire anything and what do you desire?  There cannot be a question of a superficial desire, but of a profound aspiration involving your whole being.  When you truly become a soul of desires, there is nothing you cannot ask of Me or ask of My Father in union with Me.

When your desire is fixed on Me, when you ask to possess Me and to be possessed by Me, when you aspire ardently to be taken over by Me, when you aspire to be embraced by Me, when you aspire to have My imprint, be assured you will be heard, even if you do not perceive any sudden or apparent change.  Little by little My action is exercised and unseen it operates.  But after a certain time, you will become aware that there is in you a new disposition, a more habitual orientation of your mind and will, a more spontaneous choice in favor of Me and for the benefit of others, there is the tangible result you sought to attain.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Adore through Me

Place yourself under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and now move gently into Me to make a prayer of adoration of the Father.  Dwell thus in My prayer, but be active therein by the loving and humble wish to unite yourself to My praise.  Your mind cannot understand it.  How could you, you who are nothing, possess the Infinite, but through Me, with Me, in Me, you render the Father plenary homage.

Remain silent saying nothing.  Through Me render this homage to the Father in union with all souls who live in contemplation and true charity the plenary gift they make of themselves to Me.  Render it also in the name of all those who do not know Us, who are indifferent, agnostics or hostile.  You never know the ray of light which a homage or a plea emitted in their place can work in a soul seemingly closed.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Where you cannot be, your prayer acts

Daughter, where you cannot be, your prayer acts.  You can from a distance bring about a conversion, open up a vocation, alleviate a suffering, assist someone dying, guide someone who is responsible, bring peace to a home, sanctify a priest.

You can make someone think of Me, bring out an act of love, make charity grow in a heart, repel a temptation, calm anger, smooth harsh words.  What cannot be done in the invisible parts of My Mystical Body!  You do not know the mysterious links which unites ones to others and of which I am the Center.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

The worth of desire

Daughter, if you but knew your power when you propose such an intervention for which I was only waiting for your plea!  You will find out in this way that that you render more service in apparent external inactivity and that what is above all worthwhile is My interior activity aroused by your communion of soul with Me.  The desires are already prayers and the prayers are only worth what the desires as to objective and intensity are worth.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yet with such sweet wonder Your hands blessed are


The Angel speaks

You are not closer to God than we
We’re all from Him so far
Yet with such sweet wonder
Your hands blessed are.
So do they ripen, so they shimmer
from the sleeves as by no woman before.
I am the day, I am the dew,
But Thou,
Thou art the Tree.

I'm weary, for the way was long
Forgive me, I forgot
What He, who sits in gold array
as in the sun sent me to say,
You thoughtful one
(great space bewilders me)
You see: I am the beginning
But Thou,
Thou art the Tree.

Wide I spread the arc of my flight
I found myself so strange and far
And now your little house is drowned
in the folds of my great, bright dress.
And yet you’re alone as never before
You don’t see me at all
As if: I’m a breath of wind in the wood
But Thou
Thou art the Tree.

All the angels fear like this
Let one another go:
Never had we such desire
Uncertain yet so great
Perhaps that something happens soon
You only know in dreams
Hail, for thus my soul now sees:
You ready and so ripe.
You, Lady, are the great, high door
that soon shall open wide.
You, most beloved ear to my song
Now I feel: my word is lost
in you as in a wood.

So I came and I fulfilled
A thousand and one dreams
God looked at me; bedazzled me…
But Thou
Thou art the Tree.

- Rainer Maria Rilke (trans Grace Andreacchi)
German text

From: Mysteries of the Virgin Mary: Living Our Lady's Graces by FR. PETER JOHN CAMERON, O.P., the founding editor-in-chief of the monthly worship aid MAGNIFICAT: 

He begins a chapter with the premise that Mary's preparation for the Annunciation was a kind of pre-sharing in Christ's passion. She was sinless, while everyone she faced was marked by original sin. She recognized her own "different humanity," Cameron writes, and probably found it a source of consternation and suffering. 

He notes an Annunciation poem by Rainer Maria Rilke in which Gabriel was frightened. The angel feared the purity and humility in Mary "capacious enough to contain what heaven cannot hold" and her intense ardor for God, which "literally drew heaven to earth." Cameron explains that humility disposes us to God's grace and "creates a space that God can inhabit with his self, healing and perfecting our self."

I am there, the living treasure

Center of all human hearts, I give a full hearing to all your pleas daughter, no matter from what point on the horizon they come.  I am there, the living treasure, capable of transforming them into divine elans, each one's contribution purified of all human dross; as a servant, but a servant of whom nothing is requested and who is ignored.  I am made a host in order to be among you as He who serves.  Take advantage of Me, the more so since you only have the time of your journey on earth for doing so.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Enable me to receive Jesus . . .

Holy Virgin, I beg you:
enable me to receive Jesus from the Spirit,
according to the same process
by which you bore Jesus . . . 
May I love Jesus
in the Spirit 
in Whom you adored Him as your Lord
and looked after Him as your Son.

St. Ildephonsus of Toledo

I offer myself to You now and always as a Daughter of St. Philip Neri

Lord, through Your Spirit and to the glory of the God the Father, I offer myself to You now and always as a Daughter of St. Philip Neri.  

I prayer that You enflame my heart with love for You.  May you find in me and my desire to do Your will some small comfort and consolation in the face of the world’s coldness and impiety.  I long to quench Your thirst for love and that the desire of Your Heart may be met with the response of loving gratitude by all; especially Your priests to whom You have entrusted the care of souls and celebration of Your Holy Mysteries.

Help me to accept all my trials, small or great; to gather them up and lay them before You in reparation.  To these I add my humble prayers and mortifications and offer them all to You in loving adoration.  May it be as a sweet smelling ointment and healing balm for the wounds You bear on our behalf.


Spiritual Maternity - "Let Christ be born in you."

"What came about in bodily form in Mary, the fullness of the godhead shining through Christ in the Blessed Virgin, takes place in a similar way in every soul that has been made pure. The Lord does not come in bodily form, for ´we no longer know Christ according to the flesh´, but He dwells in us spiritually and the Father takes up His abode with Him, the Gospel tells us. In this way the child Jesus is born in each of us."

~ St. Gregory of Nyssa

Monday, March 24, 2014

I am your substantial prayer

You would be astonished if you saw what you contribute on casting yourself within Me and on keeping yourself united to My prayer in the obscurity of faith.

I do not prevent you from having intentions and from making them known to Me, but above all keep in touch with Mine.  Since you are but a minimal element of Me, be more concerned with My intentions than with your own.

I am your substantial prayer: adoration commensurate with the Father's immensity; praise equal to His infinite perfection (no one knows the Father as the Son); thanksgiving for His absolute bounty,; expiatory oblation for all human faults; a sensitive and clear request for all the temporal and spiritual needs of all humanity.

I am the universal priest, answering all the obligations of the universe as regards the Father, the material universe and the human universe; answering all the needs of creation and of all creatures; praying through everything and through everyone; having wished to have need of your union, of your adherence at least on fundamentals for joining the human meritorious character to My divine prayer.

If you only knew how I look for this meritorious contribution of My members who come to give in prayer: I am this plentitude, this compliment which I offer them the ability to give Me.

Unite yourself to My prayer in you, in others and in the Eucharist.

In you, for I am there, not ceasing to elevate toward My Father all you are, all you think, all you do, in reverence, love, adoration and thanksgiving.  I am prepared to take all your requests from you and regard them as My own.  You would be able to obtain things if you really wanted to insert your prayer into Mine.

In others, for I am also in a unique way but not in the same way in each of your human brethren, in all those around you who seemingly are distant but who through Me are very close to you.

In the Eucharist, for I am there in the fullness of My humanity in a state of oblation on behalf of all those who are willing to blend their offering with Mine.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

(Painting: The Presence by Alfred Edward Borthwick was painted in St. Mary's Cathedral in Scotland  in 1910) 

Achieving the grand and beautiful design of Love

Trust Me.  If at times I have need of your suffering for making up for the many human ambiguities and resistances - do not forget that you will never be tried beyond your strength sustained by My grace.  "My yoke is sweet and My burden light."  Through love of you and of the world I associate you with My redemption, but I am above all tenderness, delicacy and kindness.

Be more and more available: Be confident.  I have brought you along apparently difficult roads but I have never abandoned you and I am at your service in My own way for achieving the grand and beautiful design of love which I have fashioned from all eternity.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Consecration of Hiddenness

The concept of the humility of God’s dealings with the world in Christ – the lowliness of Jesus’ birth, the simple background of Mary and Joseph, etc – is not a novel perception, and neither is the element of hiddenness, but I do feel it is an important theme to return to, especially at this time of year, when we consider the ultimate implications of the Incarnation.  It is an encouraging thing to think about, when sometimes the smallness and seemingly inconsequential nature of our own lives and efforts can weigh us down.

So, not only does God’s entrance into history consecrate the forgotten poor and the lowly of the world, but His dealings with us provide a tacit recognition and blessing of hiddenness per se. By knowing that the greatest events in world history – the Son of God being born into this world as one of us, with all that surrounded and followed it – were of no consequence to anybody but a small handful of people who could not prove or validate their experiences, can also be of great comfort and encouragement to us today.

In Christ, God’s action is opened up to the whole world, and in His members the saving message and action of this covenant are made manifest simply by bearing witness to and living out that radical newness in daily life. Every Christian is indeed a new creation, and continues the history of God’s action by fulfilling the promises given in baptism, by really being a Christ-bearer to the world. Again, it does not matter if this is done on a grand scale or to a wide audience – God has shown that He operates in hidden places, and is no respecter of publicity. The hard part is to remember what a great honor we have been given, and to recall this gift to ourselves daily – if we trust in Christ, He will do the rest. 

The Autumn of life in the Lord

The years remaining to you on earth will not be the least fruitful.  It is somewhat like autumn, the season of fruits and beautifully colored leaves which are going to fall.  It is somewhat like the splendor of the setting sun before it disappears beneath the horizon.  But as for you, you will disappear in Me more and more.  You will sink deeper and deeper into the ocean of My love in which you will find your eternal place.  You will insert your soul, bathed in My light, in My life of glory.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

I am within you, weaving the threads of your eternal life

Daughter, after each storm, there is again silence.  Am I not He who settles the roaring of waves when I am besought to do so?  Therefore, ever and above all have trust in Me.  When you suffer, think that I suffer with you, feeling within Myself what you are undergoing.  At that very moment I always send you My Spirit.  If you welcome Him, he helps you by flooding you with love during this trial and you obtain on this cross its maximum of redemptive efficacy.  So once more have confidence, I am within you, weaving the threads of your eternal life, intermingling them according to the Father's designs with all those of your sisters now living on earth.  The tapestry will only be revealed in its full beauty when it will be returned and displayed in Heaven.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Beauty Ever Ancient Ever New

“The disciple is not greater than his Master.”  
Daughter, when considering the life of your Lord, consider often its radical humility and hiddenness: born in a lowly stable, thirty years of silence in Nazareth engaged in the humble work of a carpenter.  Although the Son of God, he manifested himself as servant – the secret and hidden wisdom of God. This self-emptying hiddenness and silence consumed Jesus’ whole soul at the time of the Passion and was foreshadowed when he warned others sternly not to make him known.  Matthew tells us that in this warning Jesus fulfilled the words of the prophet Isaiah that in his coming “he will not wrangle or cry aloud, nor will anyone hear his voice in the streets . . . ”  
Such self-effacing anonymity means that Jesus’ triumph comes not by engaging in the world’s way – either power or self-exaltation – but by his abiding in humility and allowing death to descend upon him. While proclaiming the Gospel to the Pharisees he never descended to their level of argumentation.  When engaging the crowds he eschewed any desire to grasp at worldly power or glory.  For Jesus to be Child of the Father is one and the same thing for him to be servant and victim.
And so, daughter, when you think of your own life and actions in the world ask yourself: "Who could know better than God himself where truly efficacious redemption lies?" He suffered so that the life of the Trinity might flow out into the world and its ignorance and sin.  It was in this way that he allowed the Father’s voice to be heard in the world.  At the Cross, Jesus grew silent that the Father might speak – - that the Word might be perfectly accomplished in the work for which it was sent.
Should He work any other way in you?  Accomplish His redemptive work in any other fashion in your life?  The union of your soul with the Beloved must be reflected in the way you carry yourself in the world - in your gentle demeanor towards others, in the hiddenness of your virtue, in the unassuming and quiet nature of your love, in your willingness to bear humiliation.  Never lose sight of the true plane on which Jesus lived his interior life.  In his ministry Jesus never forsook the true source of his redemptive power in the Father.  Likewise, you must never forsake He who was crucified for you or refuse to stretch out your arms in loving embrace of those He entrusts to your care. 

Have only one wish . . .

Have only one wish: that I can make use of you as I understand, without having to render an account to you, or explain to you why.  This is the Father's secret and that of Our design of love.  Do not worry about contradictions, oppositions, misunderstandings, calumnies, obscurities or incertitudes.  This comes and goes, but all this serves to strengthen your faith and provide an occasion to make My redemption more fruitful for the benefit of your innumerable posterity.

I am there and I do not abandon you, first of all because I am Love.  If you but knew to what extent you can be loved!  Then, I will make use of you much more than you think.  Since you feel weak, you are strong with My strength, powerful with My power.

Do not rely on yourself, rely on Me.  Do not rely on your prayer.  Rely on My Prayer, the only prayer of worth.  Unite yourself to it.  Do not rely on your action, or on your influence.  Rely on My action and on My influence.

Do not be afraid.  Trust in Me.  Be concerned about what concerns Me.  When you are weak, poor in the night, in agony, on the cross . . . offer My essential, unceasing, universal offering.  Unite your prayer to My prayer.  Pray with My prayer.  Unite your work to My works, your joys to My Joy, your pains, your tears, your sufferings to Mine.  Unite your death to My death.

Many things are a "mystery" for you at present - things which will be a light and a motive of thanksgiving in glory.  But it is in the obscure clarity of faith that the options are made in My favor - options which acquire the merits of which I Myself will be the eternal recompense.

Desire that the whole world love Me.  Your acts of desire are worth all the apostolates.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

The offerings made of a humble heart

I have much more need of your humiliations than of your successes.  I have much more need of your renouncements than of your enjoyments.  How can you pride yourself on what does not belong to you?  All you are and all you have are only loaned to you as the talents of the Gospel.  Your very cooperation, so precious in My eyes, is only the fruit of My grace, and when I will compensate your merits, they are in truth, only My gifts I will crown.  You have nothing of your own except your errors, your resistance, your ambiguities which My inexhaustible mercy can sponge away.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Saturday, March 22, 2014

God's Way of Speaking . . .

God speaks to us all the time.  He has always spoken to us in his language, in the severe and simple language of our daily existence.  We do not hear him because we would like him to speak in ours, in our language of happiness such as we imagine it, through poor and silly satisfactions of feeling, self-love, or even comfort, the only messages that we have decided to recognize as His.

But God speaks to us with perseverance in His language.  God speaks to us in this language, unknown to us and which we are reluctant to learn, of acceptance, of sacrifice, or renunciation, the language of a prodigiously far-reaching, inconceivably audacious, incredibly generous plan through which He wants to save us, us and the world.  God speaks to us unceasingly through the events of our life, through His obstinacy in thwarting our petty human plans, through His punctuality in disappointing our projects and our attempts to escape, through the perpetual failure of all our calculations to manage to do without Him.  And, little by little, He tames us, he familiarizes us.  One day, when we are confined to our bed, checkmated by a failure, isolated by misfortune, annihilated by the feeling of our powerlessness, one day, He resigns us to listen to His language, to admit His presence, to acknowledge His will.

And we know then that He was speaking to us all the time.

L. Evely

What on this earth is more beautiful than a soul whom the divine light illumines?

What on this earth is more beautiful than a soul whom the divine light illumines within and who, by her life, reflects that light outwardly?  Such a soul may be yours, My daughter, if you have a longing to live in the light.  For that, be pure, keep yourself pure, love the truth.  All falsehood, all hypocrisy, all attachment of the heart insensibly accumulate fogs which, while thickening, hide the wonders of My light and would make of you a dense, dull soul.

What would you think of a lighthouse which would no longer give forth its light by night?  Many ships would perhaps be victims of its negligence and, deceived by the darkness, would be lost.  Take care; if you are not the light looked for, many souls will perhaps not know the away which leads to Me.

There are still multitudes of pagans on earth.  Many are under the influence of Satan, the prince of darkness.  Redemption is important for all: yet why is it what those whose role it is to apply the fruits of it shy from accomplishing their mission?  Is it not the task of souls to be here below burning and brilliant lamps?

For that reason, try to see all things from My viewpoint and avoid all that can tarnish the brilliance of My reflection in your soul.  The general direction of your thoughts, the habitual trend of your judgments, the principle scope of your desires, are of much more importance than you think.  Fear not to purify your intentions very often, to turn your will towards the axle of My desires, and as much as possible to share My ideas.  The more truly you will be surrendered to My Spirit, the more there will arise in your soul the dawn of My living light, the prelude of eternal brightness.

An Hour with the Lord
Abbe Courtois

Ask Me the grace for this

May your humility be loyal, trusting and constant.  Ask Me the grace for this.  The more humble you will be, the more you will have access to My Light, and the more too you will spread it around you.

Though you do not yet share the fullness of the eternal joy which will be yours, you can, from now on and more and more cause its reflections to spring up in your soul and make them shine around you.

Be more and more a servant of My kindness, of My humility, of My joy.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Friday, March 21, 2014

I become your All

Humility facilitates the soul's encounter with its God and sheds fresh clarity on all the problems of current life.  I become truly the center of your life at that very moment.  For Me you act, you write, you speak and you pray.  It is no longer you who live, it is I who live within you.  I become your All and you find Me in all those with whom you have anything to do.  Your welcome is then more benevolent, your word is more the bearer of My thought, your writings are much more the faithful expression of My mind, yet how much you must detach yourself from your ego!

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Ask Me to be as humble as I want you to be . . .

Be meek.  Occasions for asserting rights can be numerous, but divine logic is not human logic.  Meekness and patience are the children of true love which ever finds attenuating reasons and readjusts justice to the benefit of true equity.

Be in communion with My meekness.  My kindness is not affected.  My Spirit is at the same time unction and strength, goodness and plentitude of power.  Recall: Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth and will ever keep possession of themselves.  Even better, they already possess Me and can more easily reveal Me to others.

My degree of radiance in a soul depends on how closely I am present.  But I am ever there insofar as I find in your heart My meekness and My humility.  In the measure you renounce all superiority you enable Me to grow within you.  This, as you know, is the secret of all truly spiritual fruitfulness in the domain of the unseen.  Ask Me to be as humble as I want you to be, without affectation but in full simplicity.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

You are in My hands. I know where I bring you.

Daughter, I love it when you feel you are "nothing" of "little importance," when physically you feel feeble and prostrate.  Do not be afraid of anything, I am then your remedy, your succor and your strength.  You are in My hands.  I know where I bring you.

I lead you through humiliation.  Accept it with love and trust.  It is the greatest gift I can give you.  Even and especially if it is bitter, it brings so many elements of spiritual fruitfulness that if you saw things as I do, you would not want to be less humiliated.  If you only knew what you contribute through your humiliations united to Mine!  The great work of love is carried on through many sufferings, humiliations and oblational charities.  All else is so often illusory!  How much time is lost, how many pains wasted, how many labors wholly futile, since they are poisoned by the worm of pride or of vanity.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Working loose from ourselves . . .

We must know how to detach ourselves even from suffering.  We must learn to be happy even when we are unhappy.  We must, in a word, work loose from ourselves.  A Father of the Church used to say to himself, "There is only one way of being cured of sadness, and that is to dislike being sad."  It is hard to believe this when we are suffering.  As if we had chosen to be hurt!  Of course not, but what is terrible is that we often choose to keep on suffering, to fan the flames of our pain, to inflame our wounds, to find our only comfort in our very discomfort.  For if we keep our pain, then we also keep our right to complain, our right to withdraw into our shell, our right to hurt others and to kill their joy.  And when there is no joy in the world any longer, then we will be confirmed in our pain.  We have, in the meantime, only one stone to rest our head on, and it is called despair.  This hard pillow will give us long service.

Indeed, nothing would be harder than to stop being happy.  There is no worse detachment than joy.

L. Evely

If we stop blaming life for what it has not given to us

Happiness is like a wake, it faithfully follows her who does not pursue it.  If one stops to contemplate it, to grasp it, to make sure of it, it vanishes at once.  We must aim at truth, sacrifice, duty or death in order to realize suddenly that we are happy.  From the moment we have renounced, we discover that we have only sacrificed our chains and that we have so painfully immolated our torments.

Happiness has something profoundly painful and heavy about it.  It involves accepting to plunge again into our condition, out of which we are trying to escape.  Like a ploughshare, we have to be unceasingly dug profoundly into full earth, by a merciless hand, in order to find, in darkness and effort, our usefulness and value.

Happiness is like a fire, it is impossible to create one which will be only good for our personal use.  We have to produce enough to heat to warm up a world before being able, like the last of our poor, to come and sit down by the fire we have offered to others.

You must be absolutely happy, at once, under pain of never becoming so.  What you miss cannot deprive you of happiness.  You will always miss something.  If you cannot be happy without it, you will never be so.  You must give happiness credit.  You must be happy in advance, you must trust in being happy, you must be happy even when you are unhappy.

Ordinarily, we do not know how to go about being happy, we are happy without knowing it, or without wanting to know it, awkwardly, resentfully, tepidly.  A moment of forgetfulness, of innocence or faith, and we will find ourselves reconciled with life, we will find it good, just, gratuitous.  As soon as we stop blaming life for what it has not given to us, we will see that it was only our lack of confidence which made life seem in need of justification.

L. Evely

The greatest mortification . . .

After Lent, there still remains the greatest mortification, the greatest renunciation, that which was prepared by all the others which will prove their sincerity: we must make to God the sacrifice of being happy.  We must give God this joy, this reward: to see us happy.  Tell him that after all that he did and suffered for us, we cannot really live on anything else than the joy of his love, we are so much tied and united to him that, when we think it over, we no longer find anything alive in us but his joy.

L. Evely 

Be on the watch for My will . . .

Daughter, let me conduct My great affair as I understand it.  I have still greater need of your humility than of your external activity.  I will make use of it as I think fit.  You are not to ask me for an account and I have no account to give to you.  Be docile.  Be available.  Be entirely at My mercy, on the watch for My will.  I will show you gradually what I expect from you.  You will not see at once for what this serves, but I will work for you, there will often be more and more the feeling of Me within you, of which you will have no doubt, and I will let My light and My grace flow through you.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart
Abbe Courtois

The secret of unsuspected spiritual strength

It is not by fine feelings that the world is saved, but by communion in Me, and that includes My redemptive oblation.

The last years, during which old age with its cortege of illnesses restricts a person the most, are the most fruitful for the service of the Church and of the world.  Accept this and teach those around you that they possesses therein the secret of unsuspected spiritual strength.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Let Me open your heart to all through suffering . . .

Daughter, she who suffers with Me wins at every turn.  She who suffers alone is to be pitied.  That is why I have often asked you to put together all human suffering and unite them to Mine so that they can be of value and be efficacious.  The best means for receiving solace is through this merging.

Far from closing your heart and confining you therein, suffering should open it up to all those whom you encounter and also to all the human miseries of which you have not the least suspicion.  By this commitment and this oblation you carry out most surely your vocation to spiritual motherhood.  There is therein no possible ambiguity, no possibility of self-seeking but full availability to My Father's wisdom.

For almost a month you have found yourself often on the cross, but you were able to note that despite the large and small inconvenience resulting from it, My presence has never been wanting to you, achieving in your flesh what is lacking to My Passion through My Body which is the Church.  You have not suffered beyond what is bearable, and if you feel, especially at certain moments, somewhat lesser, I provide within you what is lacking: many things arrange themselves better than if you took care of them yourself.

I love those long hours of sleeplessness during which you try to unite yourself to My prayer within you.  Even if your ideas are confused, even if you find it difficult to fin the words to express them, I read in your depths what you want to tell Me and in My own way speak silently to you.  

At this moment there must be calm, understanding and kindness.  May this be what will be kept in memory about you.

You are at the hour in which the essential takes the place of the urgent, and a fortiori of the accessary. Now the essential is I, and My freedom of action in the hearts of men.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Eucharistic Transfiguration

My daughter, in My state of victim, I offer Myself unceasingly to the Father, desiring ardently to be able to unite your offering to Mine.

I await your adoration and your thanksgiving, to blend them with My hymn of glory.

I am always ready to take into account your thoughts, your activities, your joys and your sorrows, your efforts and your sacrifices, to give them their full value and efficacy, for your own profit and for that of the whole Church.

Yet it is necessary that you be in a state of oblation and of communion with Me.  To help you to be so, I offer Myself to you.

I stand at the door of your heart and I knock discreetly.  I offer Myself to you in Holy Communion; I offer Myself to you in the Tabernacle.  I await your reply.

Distraction, oversights, negligences, self-centeredness, preoccupations that are too human, faith that is to timid - these and other reasons make you deaf in one ear.

Then I pass by . . . hopping for better dispositions in you; but what a loss for you and for others!

If you but knew how much I thirst for your thirst for Me; how I hunger that you may hunger for Me!  It is your failure to understand your need of Me which makes your desire so weak, and it is the weakness of your desire which makes you heedless or inattentive to My appeals.

Who is your God: is it I or you? . . .

Then, why do you not think more of Me than yourself?

My daughter, look at the fig leaf, so green and so large.  If it did not cling  by its stem to the branch by which it is attached to the trunk, it would be dried up very quickly.  The image of it is reproduced in you.  Every Communion, even a spiritual communion, is like a new rising of sap which nourishes you, expands you, and enriches you in proportion as you are united to Me or aspire after Me.

How I wish you would get to the point where you would see with My eyes, love with My Heart, act with My power.  That is the life of communion.

Some day you will have a very different appreciation of earthly things from that which you have now.  You will gauge them with My scale of values.  From this moment why not act according to My ideas?

Some day you will understand how much you should have loved Me, and you will be convinced that is is only love which counts.  Love, with the same love with which I love Myself, all those whom I give you to serve.  Why lose time in doing anything else, in self-seeking?

Some day you will be astonished at the power I have given you over My Heart for the salvation of souls.  How much you will regret not having profited more from it!  Since there is still time, then use your power to the fullest by praying in My prayer and by acting under My influence.

The most simple actions performed in union with My power save and sanctify souls.  If you disappear in Me, I shall appear in you.  I am the power needed for salvation, the power needed for sanctity.

Come to Me often and lead others to Me.  You are well aware that from Me go forth rays which can cure all.

Am I not infinite, and do not those radiations corresponding to the needs of souls go forth from Me?  Name one by one the blind souls whom you know, the deaf, the mute, the lepers, the paralytics.  When you  speak of them to Me, it is as if you brought them to My feet.  Provided they show no voluntary resistance, I look upon them, I console them, I cure them.

When you come to visit Me in the tabernacle and when you communicate, come in a community spirit, in the spirit of the Church.

Reflect that you are not alone, but that you are a very dear unit of a great ensemble, a precious cell of My Mystical Body.

All that you ask, ask in union with those who pray and in the name of those who do not pray.

All that you receive, assimilate in union with those who receive Me and in the name of those who do not receive Me.

Whatever I give you, accept gratefully for yourself for souls who need it.

So, while nourishing your soul with My Eucharistic Body, by your oblation you nourish My Body, which is the Church.  By drawing closer to the bonds that bind you with your brothers and sisters on earth, you make more intense the vital changes among victorious, suffering, and militant cells of My Mystical Body.  You increase the unity of My Church, and you hasten the hour when My Paschal prayer will become a reality: "That they may be one, even as we, Father are one."

"An Hour with the Lord - Admirable Exchange"

Never leave unused the treasure

Daughters, think as much as you can of all the present human sufferings felt all over the earth.  Most of those who undergo them do not grasp the meaning, do not understand the treasure of purification, of redemption, of transfiguration they constitute.  Relatively few are those who have received the grace of understanding the salvific might of pain when it flows with Mine.

Through all the sufferings on the earth, I am in agony down to the end of the world.  But let My daughters never leave unused every effort of human oblation which enables My divine oblation to bring down on behalf of human the shower of spiritual benefits of which it has so great need.

"When the Lord Speaks to the Heart"

Tell Me again of your desire . . .

My daughter, tell Me again and again, with all the ardor you can muster, about your desire to make Me loved.

Tell Me again and again of your desire to live only for Me in the service of your brethren and to be possessed by Me.

Be generous in this "quest" of Me, for it presupposes a minimum of asceticism.  Although it may be said, without this minimum of desire, there is no authentic and fruitful pastoral life.  There is then sterility, bitterness, deception, obscuration of the mind, hardening of the heart . . . and death.

My ways are at times disconcerting.  I know this, but they transcend human logic.  In humble submission of My guidance you will find more and more peace and, in addition, mysterious fruitfulness will be granted to you.

To be, when I wish it, lessened, put to one side, unused does not mean to be useless, rather the contrary.  I never work as much as when My servant does not see what I do through them.

"When the Lord Speaks to the Heart"

a tiny streamlet of love

Let your first reaction when you suffer be to unite yourself to Me who feels within you the pain you feel.  Let your second reaction be to offer it up with all the love of which you feel capable, joining it to My ceaseless oblation.  Then, do no think too much about yourself who but passes away.  Think about Me, who never ceases taking on, until the end of time, the present sufferings of men on the earth but who can only make use of them to the benefit of all those whence flows at least a tiny streamlet of love.

When you feel poor and inconsequential, so much the more come to Me.  Perhaps you won't have fine ideas, but My Spirit will take you over and what you will have absorbed unconsciously will rise at the opportune moment for the greatest good of many souls.

"When the Lord Speaks to the Heart"

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

There is need of the cross . . .

Daughters, if you love passionately, your suffering will seem to you more bearable and you will thank Me.  You help Me more than you think, but the more you do so out of love of suffering, the suffering I ask of you, the more it will be I who will suffer in you.

Those who suffer united to Me are the principal missionaries in the world.

If you saw the world as I see it from within, you would realize the need of finding here below beings of good will, in whom I could continue to suffer and to die for spiritualizing and vitalizing humanity.

In the face of the amount of selfishness, of luxury, of pride which blinds souls to My grace, witness no longer suffices.  There is need of the cross.

In order to be able to make a sacrifice when the occasion arrises during the day, do not regard that of which the sacrifice deprives you, regard Me, and aspire to have the force which I am ready to grant you through My Spirit.

Feeling My presence and My peace is not necessary.  That is why I, at times, permit spiritual trial and that painful dryness, a state of purification and of merit.  Yet having a sensitive perception of My presence, of My bounty, of My love is a priceless incentive that is not to be disregarded.  That is why you have the right to desire it and ask Me for it.  Do not think you are stronger than you are.  Without this incentive, would you have the courage to hold on to it for a long time?

"When the Lord Speaks to the Heart"

Monday, March 17, 2014

The years go by swiftly . . .

If I agree to let you share in My suffering it is to enable you to work efficaciously for the conversion, the purification, the sanctification of many of the souls united to yours.  I have need of you and it is normal that in this meritorious phase of your life, which is but in an ephemeral phase, you share in My Redemptive Passion.  They are the most fruitful hours of your existence.  The years go by swiftly.  What will remain of your life is the love with which you will have offered yourself and will have suffered.

On earth nothing bears fruit without sorrow humbly accepted, patiently borne, in union with Me who suffers it with you, who feels it in you, who undergoes it through you.

Pray, suffer, offer to spend your life in My life, and thus enable My life of love to spent in your life.

Suffer along with My suffering.  There are not only indescribable sufferings of My sojourn on earth and especially of My Passion, but all the sorrows I feel and take on in all the members of My Mystical Body.

Thanks to this oblation mankind is purified and is spiritualized.  It is for you to enter into the play of My love sharing within yourself My redemptive sufferings.

There is no reason to judge spiritual fruitfulness according to human criteria.

I want your love to be stronger than your suffering.  I want that love of yours for Me, of which I have such need, to enable Mine to be efficacious.  I want that love of yours for others to be a love through which My salvific action is exercised on their behalf.

"When the Lord Speaks to the Heart"

A hidden mission . . .

I reserve for you a hidden mission . . . This interior and invisible mission is to serve as a bond of union between Me and priests, to obtain for them the charisms required for a truly efficacious apostolate. Take them all indiscriminately, of every age, of every condition, of every race, and offer them up joyfully to the radiations of My humility and of My eucharistic silence.

"When the Lord Speaks to the Heart"

Ah! the little kindness, the delicate attentions . . .

My daughter, that which gives redemptive power to penance is not so much intensity of suffering of which it is the occasion as it is the quality of love with which it is done or accepted.

If you could see the world as I see it and the power which is yours while you are on earth, to help souls who struggle to escape misery, there is no sacrifice you would not be willing to accept to help such souls.

The saints in heaven have only one retreat: it is that they were not generous enough on earth, while they were in a state to gain merit for themselves and for humanity.

Never let your penance be a burden for those who live with you.  Remember My recommendations concerning fasting, and My reproaches to the Pharisees who, on that occasion, looked very gloomy . . . . Be hard on yourself, but gentle and compassionate with others.

I need your sufferings to apply the fruits of My Redemption to many sons and daughters according to the spirit.  These sons and daughters you bear spiritually within you, very like a mother who carries her child in her womb and nourishes it while she nourishes herself.  Nothing that you do or suffer through love, in union with Me, is useless, and doubtless  you make great progress.

It would be easier for you to make sacrifices if, in faith, you had a keener and more faithful perception of My presence and of My desires; if, in hope, you had a more ardent thirst for My reign in souls; if, in charity, you were more careful to live for others with Me and in Me.

If you but knew how sensitive I am to little things.  When one loves, one attaches more importance on details.  I do not normally ask of you great mortifications, but rather those little things which, costing little to those who love, are of great value in the eyes of the loved one.  Ah! the little kindnesses, the delicate attentions . . . By them you can repair thousands of blasphemies.  If a wicked little pin prick by a friend is more painful to the heart than a gross injury on the part of an unknown passerby, so the least mark of affection on the part of a loved one to whom one has given all his confidence brings more joy than the commonplace compliments of an indifferent crowd.

I have done so much to save all of you, but out of respect for human dignity, I can make the oblation of My sufferings effective for you only in proportion to your free and generous contribution.

It is allowable for you, as long as you are on earth, to supply for the insufficiency of the expiation of your human brothers, provided they do not put an obstacle in the way.  Profit by that.  Later it will be too late.  What regret will be yours later when you realize what you might have done and what, through laxity or thoughtlessness, you will have neglected!

Every sacrifice which is not ultimately rooted in charity is incomplete and fruitless.  All mortifications, little or great, help you to become gentler and more compassionate to those around you.  You should become lovable and kind even beyond your want.  Otherwise there will be many efforts with little effect, and you will live in illusion.

Effective charity is the touchstone of true penance, just as self-forgetfulness in favor of others is the criterion of genuine love.

Even if, as is quite normal, you do not feel My presence I am in you more than you are in yourself.  It is My Spirit which silently but patiently incites you to be generous.  With what humble anxiety I await your reply!  And when it is positive, it is I who suffer in you to give all the value of your suffering to My Father.

The world does not suspect all the obscure work done in souls, where, in truth, the destinies of the world are worked out.

What an error to think that the more hidden life is an evasion or a failure to help in the great problems which agonize humanity!

You are in the vanguard.  But, remember, I need virile souls.  Nothing is more contrary to the spirit than discouragement and cowardly falling back on account of petty personal problems.  The kingdom of God is conquered by a hard struggle.  They who bring back victory are energetic and valiant souls, in their coredemptive union with Me.

I am the eternal Conqueror.  Have confidence.  I will have the last word.  "I have overcome the world."  But I associate you with My triumphal joys in proportion as you have been willing  to be a part of the vicissitudes, often painful and sometimes sad, of the struggles of life.

"An Hour with Jesus"
Abbe Gaston Courtois

Do it well

The important thing is not to do a lot but to do it well, and to do this, there must be a lot of love.

"When the Lord Speaks to the Heart"
Abbe Gaston Courtois

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A cenacle of souls, poor and lowly . . .

Daughters, ask My Mother to include you in the cenacle of souls, poor and lowly, who under her motherly guidance gain for the Church and the world a more abundant and more efficacious effusion of My Spirit of love.

All by yourself, what can you do in the face of the enormous task?  There are so many men to evangelize, so many sinners to convert, so many priests to make holy.  You feel poor and helpless.  Ask them in union with My Mother for this grace with intensity and perseverance.  Many a heart will be touched, renewed, and inflamed.

from "When the Lord speaks to the Heart"
Abbe Gaston Courtois

To love Me is to share My cares, My desires and My dreams

To love Me is to desire Me, to desire My increase in the world, the coming of My Kingdom, the extension of My light, of My truth, of My goodness.  Be eager for Me, and zealous for My glory.  To love Me is to share My cares, My desires and My dreams.  "I have come to cast fire on the earth and O how I wish it were already burning."  "I have come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly."  "I have come to bear witness to the truth . . . .that they may be one as my Father and I are one."

To love Me is to forget your own interests to share Mine.  It is to prefer Me to yourself at the moment of little or great decisions.  It is, insofar as is possible, to be united to Me, if not by conscious recollection, at least by a habitual desire to be recollected.

To love Me is to give yourself to Me, while permitting Me to make use of you to pray by your prayer, to speak by your voice, to love by your heart, and to give Myself to others by your devotedness.

To love Me is to be conscious of My presence, to look at Me with the eyes of faith, to listen to My interior words.  I am ever ready to speak to you.  Happy he who knows how to recognize My message; waves of My love will surge into that soul.

To love Me is to live intimately with Me, and by that communion of soul to imbibe the secret of loving, of the love wherewith I love souls, all those whom I give you to love.  I am in a state of charity.  Happy she who shares My love, which sends forth sparks to enkindle fire in many hearts.

To love Me is to sacrifice your ease for My service and to fill up in your flesh what is lacking to My Passion, for My Body which is the Church.  I am in a state of oblation; happy she who offers herself to Me: she allows Me to bring to maturity, for the good of humanity, the fruits of My redemption.

To love Me is to pray with an intense desire for what one prays.  It is not necessary that prayer, which is a continual hunger and thirst for Me, a feverish desire for Me, should be expressed formally.  I am always in a state of prayer.  Happy she who is united with Me in My prayer; it sends forth streams of graces for her and for the whole world.

My daughter, I love you infinitely more, infinitely better than you love yourself.  I have preferred you to Myself.  May there be nothing between you and Me.  May I be between you and all else.

from "An Hour with Jesus"
Abbe Gaston Courtois