Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Your Beloved will not wait long . . .

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

Give free reign to the deepest aspirations of your heart.  Hold nothing back from your Beloved for in this way you offer Him not only yourself but all the souls that belong to you and are dear to you.  Let your desire to do His will in action or suffering be quickened - - for time has grown short.  Your Beloved will not wait long to draw you to Himself where present sorrows will vanish like shadows at the dawn of Blessed eternity.  Let the promise of this sweetest union lead you, with a peaceful tranquillity, to embrace the tasks of your state and the cross hidden therein.

To love, to practice humility.  To efface and simplify myself, to go joyfully to God, seeking nothing for myself, with complete abandonment.

Never to lose sight for a moment of the intentions for which the beloved Master wishes me to pray, to suffer, and to act.  In the midst of exterior occupations and the faithfully performed duties of my state, to keep my inner attention fixed on God, to offer everything for souls that belong to me, the souls that Jesus wants, the Church.

To be always ready to obey the inner call of this gentle Jesus to action or to suffering, or to eternity, too, when He wills, and to reply always with joy and generosity, "Here I am, Lord, ready to do Thy will."

The day will come, will it not, O Lord, when it will be Thy Will that I go to Thee, when the shadows, the sorrows, shall vanish, and the burden of the body will no longer weigh upon the soul, which will fly at last, free and pure, to Thy Beauty, to plunge itself into Thy Holiness, to drink in Thy Love; when this soul, now delivered, will love inexpressibly in Thee all those it will have rejoined, and those it will have left here below; when the true life will finally begin, to last forever.

Blessed dawn of eternity, I greet you, not knowing whether from near or far!  I must not hope for you, because my only wish is to do the divine Will "in life or in death."  I know that one must first climb up to Calvary and hang upon the Cross before knowing the sweetness of union with the divine; I know that I will possess still more here below, this union by the grace of God, in a great spirit of abandonment.

I wait and, like the workman who does not know when he will receive his supreme reward, I want in the meantime to perform my task radiantly and peacefully for the love alone of Him who has given everything and done everything for me.

Elisabeth Leseur
Journal (1911-1914)

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