Saturday, February 15, 2014

You must find your joy in the truth that God is everything . . .

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

Looking backward or looking forward your heart must bless and adore; humbly and gratefully acknowledging God's providential and beneficent action in your life.  Let your desire to be Christian "to the marrow" be your constant preoccupation and willingly accept and offer to God everything.  

Yet as this desire grows and your love for God becomes enflamed, constrain only one thing - the longing to withdrawal completely into the silence that is the Lord.  Such is to taste Heaven and while on earth that is what it must remain - a taste.  You must find your joy in the truth that God is everything - although you are barely given a glimmer of light that penetrates the darkness of this world.

Firmly resolve to make every necessary effort and suffer every grief with the trust that He will provide you with His abundant grace.   

How plainly visible is Providence in the history of my soul and of my life!  It must be the same for all, if one knows how to discern its beneficent action; when I look back, in spite of misfortunes and tears, I can only bless and adore.  I begin this new period of life - long or short, calm or sorrowful, according to God's will - with these words from the depths of my soul: I believe, I adore, I hope.

I want to be Christian, Christian to the marrow, and transformed by grace.  This year I will accept and offer to God for beloved souls and for the Church the trials of external distraction and agitation, which aggravates pain.  I certainly will defend my home and myself from all who are unworthy, for that is a duty.  But in spite of my natural aversion, increased by inconsolable grief, I must not give way to my immense longing for repose and withdrawal.  But if that dream came true, it would be a bit of Heaven already - and this earth is not Heaven.  And yet I must say in all humility what trouble I have in making the necessary effort and how I suffer through my existence, which is too varied for my liking and in which there comes from outside no glimmer of faith and consolation.  Perhaps that is why God has made Himself everything to me, why He has supplied every one of my needs and accomplished everything in me.

May God help me to accomplish my resolutions and give me His grace!  May He do a little good through me!

Elisabeth Leseur

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