Thursday, February 6, 2014

When we present to him the most intimate heartaches . . .

Suffering is the great law of the spiritual world.  God's chosen ones escape it less than others; they pay the ransom for others, sometimes at a very high price.  We will know only later the work accomplished by our suffering and our sacrifices.  It all goes to the heart of God, and there, joined to the redemptive treasure, it expands in souls in the form of grace.  We can convert, sanctify, console without going out of our home or out of ourselves.  Ceaselessly united to the One who acts in all of us, we offer and obtain without flagging.  And God lavishes our humble gifts on others.  When we present to him the most intimate heartaches, this "blood of the heart" that makes spiritual martyrs, we become very powerful with him.  There is almost nothing our recent trials cannot accomplish, my friend.  They will all pass away, and you will obtain heaven; . . .there will be no more conflict between our love for God and our human affections.  Divine love will enfold and take delight in all our loves.

Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur