Friday, February 7, 2014

When Providence prefers to work by means of suffering

. . . our activity (a duty we owe to God and to others) is of little importance and is exercised only when Providence wishes to make use of it. And so when Providence prefers to work by means of suffering I think we should not complain too much, for we can then be sure that the work will be well done and not mixed up with all the misery of egotism and pride that sometimes spoils so much of our outward activity. I know by experience that in hours of trial certain graces are obtained for others, which all our efforts had not hitherto obtained. I have thus come to the conclusion that suffering is the higher form of action, the highest expression of the wonderful Communion of Saints, and that in suffering one is sure not to make mistakes (as in action sometimes) — sure, too, to be useful to others and to the great causes one serves. 

Pardon this friendly "sermon" of one who has experienced of what she speaks of, who has seen Providence gradually withdraw from her every activity, leaving her nothing but apparent inertia, and who feels she never did more for God when on the day to ignorant eyes she did nothing.

Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur