Friday, February 21, 2014

When life reduces you to pain, know that the Beloved - Crucified Love - is surely close

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

When life reduces you to pain, know that the Beloved - Crucified Love - is surely close.  Know that the offering of yourself to Him then is stronger than any action, stronger than any prayer.  Your very being has become a sacrifice of praise to Him and not the smallest part of it shall be lost.

The more grievous the pain becomes let it quicken your desire for the Beloved and for the sanctification of souls.  Resolve to let Him teach you how to love and give yourself in love to the last moment.

Six months of suffering: bitter suffering of the body, suffering of the soul, privations of all sorts, much pain and humiliation.  Oh, so long as it is the divine response to me - is it not so, Lord?  And so long as no least part of my pain is lost!  Stronger than my action, stronger than my imperfect prayer, may it reach Thy Heart and become the most efficacious form of supplication.

Do not delay; heaken, O my God, to these desires that Thou knowest well.  Give great and Christian happiness to these beloved children and sanctify them all.  Complete quickly the interior conversion and profound sanctification that I await from Thy grace.  Unite with my soul the souls of those I love, the soul I love best of all, and put an end to this grievous solitude of of spirit, which weighs on me so much.  And then sanctify me, too, by this suffering; bring me close to Thy Heart and teach me to love and serve Thee better.  I resolve (imploring divine grace) in the future to give way no more to the lapses I have known in hours of extreme pain, to be always gentle, humble and full of charity.

Help me, dear Savior.

Elisabeth Leseur
The Journal (1911-1914)

These were the last lines Elisabeth wrote in her journal, during a brief respite.  She worsened a few days later, and her suffering lasted four months longer.  She died a holy death on Sunday, May 3, 1914, at ten o'clock in the morning, surrounded by her family.

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