Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Sweet Forerunner of the Master

The perception of things for those souls in love with Jesus begin to be shaped by what they come to understand as drawing them closer to His Heart.  What the world would look upon aghast and avoid at all costs, the eyes of those who long for the Beloved constantly search for those things and paths that bear the marks of his love.  What was once feared . . . gradually becomes something that makes an urgent appeal to the soul.

Union with Jesus Christ, which we shall realize in Heaven in joy and vision, is already possible for us on earth in suffering.  That is why all souls in love with Jesus, those souls that have heard the mysterious and irresistible call of Christ, love suffering and, far from rejecting it with an entirely human horror, ask for it, desire it as the sweet forerunner of the Master, as that which ushers us into His presence.  It is suffering that reveals the Cross to us, that opens the divine Heart to us, that enables us to enter into this supernatural world that no human thing can reach, which we will know only in eternity, but from which a glimmer shines over us through the grace of suffering and the radiance of the Cross.

Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur