Sunday, February 23, 2014

The secret immolation that makes the most fruitful apostolate

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

Your heart must be free from all pride and the egotism that leads you to trust too much in yourself and your own words or efforts.  When weighed down by your weakness and confronted with the hostility of others you must not lose sight of where the true means of transformation is to be found and how it is to be manifested in your life.  God's power is made perfect in weakness.  Through the poverty of the cross in your life and the hidden immolation of the self, the Holy Spirit can illuminate souls and overcome darkness.  It is the wisdom of the cross that you must embrace in your life.

When we feel impotent against hostility and indifference, when it is impossible to speak of God or the spiritual life, when many hearts brush against ours without penetrating it, then we must enter peacefully into ourselves in the sweet company that our souls never lack; and to others we must give only prayers and the quiet example of our lives and the secret immolation that makes the most fruitful apostolate.  All our explanations, words, and efforts are not worth the feeblest ray of the Holy Spirit in enlightening a soul, but they may obtain all His light for this soul.

There are moments in life when we must look neither ahead nor behind nor to the side, but contemplate only the cross God offers us, from which will flow great graces for ourselves and others.

Elisabeth Leseur
Resolutions (1906-1912)

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