Sunday, February 9, 2014

Put Your Gentle Hand Under the Burden of My Soul

Elisabeth may have reached an understanding and practice of the art of Reparation far beyond our comprehension, but within her words we may still find solace and strength in whatever trials we may yet feebly endure.  Let us always be mindful like Elizabeth that all we carry, small or great, we do so in God's debt, for against our suffering He has put the Holy Eucharist and Heaven.

My God, I lay at Thy feet my burden of suffering, sadness and renunciation; I offer all through the heart of Jesus; and I ask Thy Love to transform these trials into joy and holiness for those I love, grace for souls, and precious gifts for Thy Church.  Into this abyss of physical prostration, discomfort, and moral weariness, into these shadows into which Thou hast plunged me, let a glimmer of Thy triumphant brightness shine.  Or rather, since the shadows of Gethsemane and Calvary are fruitful, use all this ill for the good of everyone.  Help me to hide my inner desolation and spiritual poverty beneath the riches of smiles and the splendor of charity.  When the Cross grows heavier, put Thy gentle hand under the burden Thou hast laid on my soul and on my aching body.

O Lord, I adore Thee, and I am still, and always, in Thy debt, for against my sufferings Thou has put the Holy Eucharist and Heaven.

Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur