Sunday, February 23, 2014

One in the Cross

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

Driven by the spirit of the world, the soul becomes self-seeking, not able to bear any slight from others or deprivation.  Filled with the Spirit of God, your soul's longing must be not self-promotion but rather the accomplishment of God's will and the promotion of His glory.  

Offer yourself to Himself to Him completely.  For the sake of souls offer yourself for immolation - knowing that however great the suffering you endure you are but the Cross upon which He is crucified.  The nails of trials, sufferings, interior sorrows pass first through your Beloved's hands.  

Though your austerity and sorrows are hidden, as they must be, the glory of Christ's love will shine through you.  In your gentleness, tenderness and charity let His love warm the hearts of others to devotion. 

My God, I belong, and wish always to belong, to Thee, in suffering or pain, in spiritual aridity or in joy, in illness or in health, in life or in death.  I want one thing only: that Thy Will be done in my and by me.  More and more, I seek, and desire to seek, only one end: to promote Thy greater glory by the realization of Thy designs for me.

I offer myself to Thee in wholehearted interior immolation and implore Thee to dispose of me as of the commonest, most useless instrument, in favor of souls Thou loves, for Thy service.  Make me a being either passive or active, practicing in turn and as the hour requires the contemplation I love best and other good works according to Thy Will.

Let me be always austere with myself, more and more gentle, sweet and helpful to others, to make Thee loved through me, always hiding my efforts, prayers and mortifications.  Make me very humble, and draw my heart to Thine, my Beloved Savior and God.

Elisabeth Leseur
Resolutions (1906-1912)

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