Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nothing is lost, not one grief or tear . . .

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

God has begun a work in us that is beautiful - as Elisabeth Leseur tells us an "interior evolution."  God has begun to unfold the mystery of His life and love within our hearts - a transformation that will be brought to completion when we let go of the last bond that constrains that love or fears it.  

There is nothing and no one who can accomplish this work but God Himself: ours is but to have a willing heart.  It is a work that is carried out in hiddenness.  The deepest desire and tenderness within us must be retained for God.  This hiddenness, however, does not diminish its beauty or limit its effect on those we hold dear in this world.  It only grows in its perfection; and as Elisabeth reminds us "nothing is lost, not one grief or tear."

My God, help me to fulfill the task, to break the last bonds, to complete that interior evolution that Thou alone hast accomplished in me, in whom the mysterious working of Thy Providence is forever visible, for which I will never cease to bless Thee and love Thee.

I have a great task before me, and nothing human to help me to fulfill it.  Perhaps one day I shall have the great joy of seeing my faith, which is my whole life, understood and shared by those whom I love so much.  As it is, all that my soul holds of desires, fervor, and tenderness must remain enclosed within itself and poured out only before God.  Whatever suffering that entails, I offer for the souls who are so dear to me.  Nothing is lost, not one grief or tear.

Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur