Monday, February 24, 2014

May God be praised for all: joys and griefs.

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

When you live your life in a spirit of true detachment, then you will begin to find sweetness in times of both joy and sorrow.  Rooted in eternity, you will begin to see true Beauty and Love in earthly things.  They will not become an obstacle to your seeing God but rather they will become more and more transparent and reveal His presence to you.  

The even greater blessing will be your capacity to love the sorrows and trials of life; to embrace them and love them even more than the joys.  For they will reveal to you the Love of the Cross and provide you the means to unite yourself in your sufferings to the Beloved for the salvation and conversion of souls.

People in the world do not realize that one can be very detached from all human things and live a keen spiritual life, and yet find sweetness in the interests, occupations, and joys of life.  However, it is only when one has rooted oneself in eternity that one can let one's humble little barque float upon the surface of the waves and rejoice fully in the view from earthly rivers.  Storms no longer frighten one; the clear sky makes one more bold.  The sun is always shine behind the clouds; the light, for all its beauty, does not conceal the eternal and splendid light that guides us to port and waits for us there.

Joys of life - affection, the beauty of nature, and the splendors of art: as much as or more than anyone I rejoice in you, for you are the reflection of the Beauty and Love that have taken possession of my heart.  Sorrows of life - trials, illness, and painful infirmities: dear companions who have been so faithful to me, I do not reject you; I love you, because you are other aspects of the one true Love; because, united to the holy Cross, you become good workers for the salvation and conversion of souls and for my own expiation; because, thanks to you, I can sometimes show my tender gratitude to Him who has done so much, who has done everything for me.

May God be praised for all: joys and griefs.  May He help me, by the spiritual joy that exists even in the midst of the interior gloom, to praise and glorify Him until I breathe no more, until I enter eternity.

Elisabeth Leseur
Resolutions (1906-1912)