Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Look for Him within and He will raise you up to share in that better part . . .

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

Foster in your heart a deep desire for the Lord and fear not to let yourself to be possessed with a longing for Him.  Allow yourself to be consumed with seeking Him even when your thoughts, anxieties or sufferings repeatedly dissuade you from this purpose.  

Walk in the awareness of this voice; the voice that at every moment sweetly speaks your name as no other could - for it is the voice of the Beloved.  Though your senses fail you or make you think you are being deceived, your heart will know that it is He.

Let Him be all that He desires to be for you; place no limits on His love and do not cling to anything less that the mind can conceive.  Look for Him within and He will raise you up to share in that better part that will never be taken from you.

Our soul is possessed by a desire for truth; we love and search ceaselessly for it, because it is the object of our being.  And we will possess it one day, completely.  We want to live the life of the soul intensely and deeply, the interior life, the beginning of eternal life, and we wander gropingly over this path of good, which we find most lovely, and upon which we sow our efforts, our struggles and our desires.  A voice calls to us, the all powerful word of appeal, which lifts us up and transforms us: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life."  Let us walk in the awareness of his voice.  He who can utter such words will never deceive us.

There is nothing so great or ideally beautiful as the action of God in the human soul.  If we knew how to detect it in ourselves, our lives would be transformed.  If we could see it in others we would love still more Him who is always in the midst of us, who works marvels in us, and who effects these spiritual "rejuvenations" of the soul that we shall come to understand only in eternity.

Elisabeth Leseur
Daily Thoughts (1899-1906)

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