Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Listen and your heart will burn

Listen.  Understand.  Ponder.  Absorb.  Put in practice.  I know it is difficult to listen to Me when your head is full of sounds.  There must be silence, there must be the desert.  We are shocked at the aridity of the void.  Yet if you are faithful, if you persevere, your well-Beloved, as you know, will make His voice heard, your heart will burn and this wholly inner ardor will bring you peace and fruitfulness.  You will relish then at what point your Lord is gracious, at what point His burden is light.  You will experience, beyond the time you devote to me exclusively, the reality of Dilectus meus mihi et ego illi (my beloved is mine and I am his).

Gaston Courtois, When the Lord Speaks to the Heart