Thursday, February 20, 2014

In the Crucible of His Heart

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

Trust in the action of your Beloved in your soul even when it is devoid of spiritual joy.  Let your faith be perfected in the crucible of His love, in the crucible of His Heart.  Enter there and never desire to leave.  Let His pierced Heart be your workplace.  Through your prayer and suffering, both humble and discreet, carry out your apostolate.

Yesterday I was able to go to Mass . . . ; my fatigue and physical weakness deprived me of any conscious joy in Communion, but the action in me of the beloved Master will only have been greater, as I can feel today.  And that is enough.  What does even spiritual joy matter to one who feels alive?

. . . it is by my love, my deeds, and my sacrifices that I will try to discharge my immense debt.  It is only through the Heart of Jesus that I will be able to pay all of it by the gift of His tenderness and holiness.  To work, then, to act and suffer, according to the divine Will!

I want to make a courageous effort toward holiness.  To be silent, to forget myself; to think of others and devote myself to them; to care for and accomplish nothing but the divine Will; to be the apostle of the Sacred Heart, an adoring and atoning soul; my eyes and my heart fixed on the tabernacle and on Heaven, to seek there only Jesus and to lead to Him all of the souls He will place in my path.

Above all, an apostolate of prayer and suffering.  Humble, discreet action; unalterable gentleness, friendliness, and kindness.

Elisabeth Leseur
The Journal (1911-1914)

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