Friday, February 7, 2014

I bore it badly at first . . .

My present trial seems to me a somewhat painful one, and I have the humiliation of knowing how badly I bore it at first.  I now want to accept and to carry this little cross joyfully, to carry it silently, with a smile in my heart and on my lips, in union with the Cross of Christ. My God, blessed be Thou; accept from me each day the embarrassment, inconvenience, and pain this misery causes me. May it become a prayer and an act of reparation.

Elisabeth Leseur (186–1914) lived a life of holiness in the midst of frequent illness, worldy cares, and spiritual enstrangement from her aitheist husband. She died in her husband's arms at the early age of 47. Her heroic life has inspired devotion to her all over the world, and the cause for her canonization is proceeding in Rome. Her husband, finding her diary after her death, converted and became a priest.

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