Monday, February 10, 2014

I Believe . . .

Often we are moved to sadness when the fruit of good and loving acts remain hidden to our eyes.  We can lose the faith that allows us to carry on in the life God has entrusted to us and in seeking the transformation to which he has called us.  Elisabeth Leseur utters here her personal creed, "I believe in the good, I believe in humility, I believe in the transformative power of love"; as if seeking to lift herself out of the despondency into which her own suffering and the sufferings of others could drag her.  Like her, we must remind ourselves that the secret love of God within us can save the world. . . 

I believe that in good there is a great expansive force; I believe that no humble, unknown act or thought, seen by God alone, is lost, and that all, in fact, serve souls.  I believe, according to a saying I love, that "when we do good, we know not how much good we do."  What we have to do is to work on ourselves, to accomplish our own inner transformation, do to each day and each hour our duty and all the good that we can do.

Above all we must ask God to fill us with an intense charity.  Charity is love: the love of God the renews and transforms the soul and life and becomes the secret cause of our acts, the love of all creatures, the powerful and living love of souls, the love of all that suffers and laments.

Such love could save the world.  Why groan, when with such a love one might act?  What hate, since hate destroys, when that love can bring life and transformation to hearts?

Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur