Saturday, February 8, 2014

God's Reply to My Abandonment of Myself

Thoughts such as these from Elisabeth Leseur underline the progressive nature of growing in the art of reparation; the need to allow God to instruct the soul in the ways of the Cross and to renew one's intentions and consecration again and again.  It is not perfection that is important but rather the desire to give oneself over to God completely; to desire to withhold nothing from him even in the face of our personal weaknesses and imperfections that keep us from giving Him our heart fully at any given moment.

To suffer seems to be my true vocation and the interior call of God in my soul.  Suffering enables me to do the work of reparation; to obtain, I hope, the great graces I desire so much for my dear souls, for all souls.  Suffering is the reply of my abandonment of myself to the divine Master for my dear ones, for souls, and for the Church.  If I am heard, no grief will seem to me to have been too great, and I will sing a joyous canticle of thanks here below and for all eternity.

My adored Savior, I give myself to Thee, and renew my intentions, my prayers, my complete consecration.