Tuesday, February 18, 2014

God Sees . . . and that is enough for me

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

Lent approaches and you do well to prepare yourself now for the holy season of repentance.  Let your thoughts run deep as you consider your calling, where you need to respond more fully to God's grace and what are those vices that need to uprooted.  The more intentional and conscious you can be of what you are seeking, the more you can offer your sufferings in expiation and reparation.  As as daughter of St. Philip, let it all be hidden and for God alone to see and as always taken up in a spirit of joy.

Resolution to sanctify myself during this Lent, and to work for the sanctification of souls and those I love, through penance.

Penance, humble, hidden, authentic; austere, without ever harming my health or drawing other people's attention.

To abstain from my pride, egotism, laziness.  To practice mortification.  To offer my sufferings in a spirit of expiation and reparation.

To try to make my charity more intense, more sweet; to ask God to augment the supernatural life in me.

In awaiting the divine hour for my beloved ones, to look to the Heart of Jesus alone for sympathy, comfort and peace.

To give myself to others generously, with joy, without seeking or expecting anything in return, not even a clear-sighted look into my own soul.  God sees me, I am His privileged child; may He make me His apostle, and that is enough for me.

Elisabeth Leseur
Resolutions, 1906-1912

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