Saturday, February 8, 2014

For Thee I will keep the Tears of my Heart

O Lord, Thou hast laid Thy Cross on my soul, on my heart, on my body.  Of all sufferings, Thou givest me that which pierces the heart the most.  Help me to carry this cross without bitterness, without egotistical thoughts of self.  In spite of failings and humiliating weaknesses, I seem to be advancing little by little in the way of renunciation and entire abandonment.

My God, let me renew my prayer to Thee: that for those I love there may be no sin, that Thy light may shine on them, that their souls may be sanctified by Thee.  To Thy care I confide them, and to Thee I abandon myself, placing my burden in your Heart and surrendering all to it - sufferings, desires, prayers.  For Thee I will keep the tears of my heart, giving to others only the smile in my eyes; it is with Thee alone that I want to carry the Cross, letting nothing be seen of my interior misery but the light of Tabor, the light that once rekindled me and that has now been extinguished to give place to the shadows of the Cross.  On Calvary Jesus carried out His work of redemption; it is in suffering that souls chosen by Him can likewise do their work, in desolation and humiliation . . . 

Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur