Sunday, February 9, 2014

Eucharistic Souls - Love, Pray, Suffer

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri: So much of what Elisabeth Leseur writes expresses what God Himself has led us to understand in His Mercy - that spiritual motherhood is a way of life.  It is to love, to suffer and and to pray. . . to be a eucharistic soul that offers all things to God, including the monotonous and seemingly trivial.  And as a Daughter of St. Philip Neri it is to do this always with the joy that comes from Christ.

The Cross lies heavily upon my body and soul.  May all be as God wills, provided that I am heard.  To love, suffer, and pray, always with the joy that comes from Jesus.

Fiat!  Deo Gratias!

I want to be a eucharistic soul, a hidden apostle of the divine Heart.  To practice complete, confident, and loving abandonment.  To go to God by means of the Cross, through the Heart of Jesus, under the sweet maternal protection of Mary.  Whatever it may be, let the future be welcome, since it comes from the heavenly Father and the one Friend.  As the future becomes present, it will bring me its own necessary graces.  Until then and even afterward I must remember that "sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof" and that the present day is the one during which I can work and suffer for souls, for the glory of God.

More and more I see that God does not want me to be active, unless a new state of affairs should arise.  What He seems to expect from me is an apostolate of prayer and suffering.  What a blessed vocation, and how much I will try to respond better to it than in the past, loving the Cross of Jesus, "carrying it daily," and placing in the divine Heart my burden of pains, privations, and weaknesses!

Austere to myself, I want to have nothing but sweetness and tenderness for my neighbor.  To live in interior spiritual union with our Lord, and to make of all the monotony, triviality, and humble distress of my life so many prayers for souls.  To have a eucharistic soul, never to lose sight of my vocation of prayer, suffering, and reparation.

Servant of God Elizabeth Leseur