Thursday, February 27, 2014

A humble and hidden apostolate

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

Your apostolate of prayer for reparation for sins and the sanctification of souls can carry no hint of pride within it.  God alone transforms and saves and you can simply make yourselves His humble instruments.  Yours is but to freely share the treasure that the Beloved has bestowed upon you.  

Rejoice when you find someone who is seeking the higher life, but do not insert your self so as to impede divine action.  Ego can only slow or derail the work of God in the soul and any word that does not arise out of the silence of prayer and a pure heart only adds to the noise of the world.  Let your holy lives bear witness to the power of His grace and love.

Let us not think that by our personal action we can hasten the coming of God's Kingdom in souls.  As soon as the divine hour has come, our efforts will be useless, or, rather, they will only be an active prayer, an appeal to Him who transforms and saves.

Nevertheless, let us make this appeal to Him with the humble conviction that He alone will do what must be done and will bring life to the souls for which we act and pray.

What joy suddenly to discover in someone resources that we did not suspect, an instinctive need for the higher life, and unconscious seeking for the unknown God!  We must then draw near with respect to give this soul some of our inner treasure, and must offer for it some of our daily suffering and effort.

But with what delicacy must we approach this soul, so as not to impede divine action!  A single word that lacks the spirit of the eternal Word might destroy all of this interior working, which God alone brings to completion.  We must let Him speak, and we must show by our example and our lives alone the fulfillment of His deep and efficacious action in us.

Elizabeth Leseur
Daily Thoughts (1899-1906)