Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Balm for Unrequited Love

O my God, look upon me in Your great mercy as I kneel before You. I come to ask You for the grace of working for Your glory as a Daughter of St. Philip Neri by embracing Your will in joy and in sorrow, health and infirmity, prosperity and want, companionship and solitude, light and obscurity.
May You always find abundantly in me the glory and delight that others refuse you elsewhere.  I wish to console You and to repair for the insults that souls redeemed by you make you suffer.  O adorable Trinity! I want to form a concert with all the little sacrifices I will make for Your love.  Each day, I will offer You the song of the angels of Heaven who unceasingly praise you and reproach men and women for their ingratitude.  I will offer you also, O my God! the melody of humble adoration and I hope that my soul may merit to be a melodious lyre You can play to console Yourself for the indifference of so many souls who do not think of You. O my God! grant me the grace to be more vigilant in seeking sacrifices than those who do not love you are in their pursuit of worldly goods or pleasures.
Let me gather and offer to You the myrrh of these hidden sufferings freely embraced – let them rise like the sweet smell of incense and become a balm for unrequited love.
By doing this I wish to make amends especially for all that priestly souls make you suffer by their offenses. O blessed Trinity, grant that I may be faithful in this way and give me the grace to possess you after the exile of this life...

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