Friday, January 31, 2014

You are nothing but Love

1 Your exiled spouse, on the foreign shore,
Can sing the eternal canticle of Love,
Since, my Sweet Jesus, you deign on earth as in Heaven 
To set her aflame with the fire of your Love .
2 My Beloved, Beauty supreme,
You give yourself to me,
But in return, Jesus, I love you,
And my life is but one act of love!
3 Forgetting my great misery,
You come to dwell in my heart.
My weak Love, ah, what a mystery!
Is enough to captivate you, Lord.
4 Love which sets me aflame,
Pierce my soul.
Come, I beg you,
Come, consume me.
5 Your ardor impels me,
And, Divine Furnace,
I want to lose myself
Unceasingly in you.
6 Lord, suffering
Becomes delight
 When the soul leaps
Toward you forever.
7 Heavenly Homeland,
Joys of the other life,
My enraptured soul
Always delights in you.
8 Heavenly Homeland,
Joys of the other life,
You are nothing but Love!