Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tears of Reparation

Let none of you say that it is impossible to weep each day, for those who say this also say that it is impossible to repent each day. First of all, with an unquestionably firm faith and warm love, you ought to approach God and decidedly renounce this world… and your will and reasoning, and resolve to be poor in spirit and body. And then through Christ’s grace a holy zeal will be kindled in perfected souls. With the passing of time and to the degree of effort, tears, and weeping will come forth, along with a slight hope for the soul’s comfort. Hunger and thirst after righteousness shall appear, that is, a fiery effort to behave in everything according to His commandments and to achieve humility, patience, mercy and love for everyone… All of these are the fruits of the spirit… There will appear a zeal to bear the infirmity of one’s neighbor, to lay down one’s soul for one’s brother… to endure… temptations, offenses, abuse, and reproaches, to forgive each other from the heart… to love your enemies… to pray for those who hurt and persecute you, as Christ demands. In addition to this, to endure with fortitude and thankfulness various kinds of bodily affliction, infirmities… temporary suffering for the sake of eternal salvation of your souls. In this way you will attain perfect [womanhood], to the extent of your spiritual growth in Christ.

~St Paisius Velichkovski