Monday, January 20, 2014

St. Therese and Fr. Adolphe Roulland - Distance Does Not Separate Souls

Fr. Adolphe Roulland was a newly ordained missionary in China. As a seminarian, he asked the superior of the Carmel of Lisieux, Mother Marie de Gonzague, that one of her nuns be associated with him in his mission, supporting his evangelizing work with prayer and penance. It was St. Thérèse who was assigned to this task, and thus she carried on correspondence with Fr. Rouland toward the end of her life. This is the last letter she wrote to him.

July 30, 1896

You allow me, do you not, to give you no longer any other name, since Jesus has seen fit to unite us by the bonds of the apostolate?

It is very sweet for me to think that from all eternity Our Lord has formed this union which must save souls for Him and that He created me to be your sister . . . 

A Dieu, Brother; distance will never be able to separate our souls, death itself will make our union more intimate.  If I go to heaven soon, I will ask Jesus' permission to go to visit you at Su-Echuen, and we shall continue our apostolate together.  In the meanwhile, I shall always be united to you by prayer.