Monday, January 27, 2014

I shall fear no evil . . .

I posted this quote from Fr. Delp because I believe it captures the attitude that a Daughter of St. Philip would want to foster in her heart and bear quiet witness to in the world - that God makes all things work for the good of those who love Him and alone is the source of healing and hope in dark times.

We are today - individually and collectively -fainting from want and loss of blood.  Things have gone so far that no one can help us any more - neither friend, nor goodwill, nor comfort can do us any good.  Our last resource is to turn to the creative Spirit, the Holy Spirit, which is ready and willing to pour out on us the healing power of our Father, God.

Because of this we should never despair even in our darkest hours.  We should remember that God shares our life, that through the Holy Spirit we can be on the most intimate terms with God and that God is always there, when outward pressure is at its worst, helping us to carry our burdens over the roughest places on our weary road.  There is no fiber of our being that the healing Spirit cannot reach as long as we are willing to let it do its creative, healing work.  It goes on in silence within us and we should remind ourselves constantly that in alliance with God we possess powers of recuperation which enable us to endure the most grievous wounds without flinching and go on meeting the demands life makes on us.  We should have this inner confidence, not mere self-reliance, but because we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is sharing his life with us.

The worst wounds that can be inflicted on humans, or that they can inflict on themselves, are those of evil.  When faith wavers, hope disappears, love grows cold, adoration ceases, doubt nags and the whole life is shrouded like a winter landscape in snow, when hatred and arrogance predominate, life is mortally wounded.  That is the time to get into reverse, and let the Holy Spirit work within building up new life. . . The person who insists on isolation and never grows conscious of the inner presence of the Spirit is doomed to failure after failure.

Natural logic keeps forcing its evil conclusions, like poison, on one's consciousness.  To counter them one has to apply the logic of healing, of guidance and submission, on which decisions can be based when they have been patiently arrived at through prayer.  The Holy Spirit constantly helps me over my hurdles in the small hours.

Fr. Alfred Delp, S.J.

Alfred Delp (15 September 1907 in MannheimGrand Duchy of Baden – 2 February 1945 in Berlin) was a German Jesuit priest and a philosopher of the German Resistance. Part of the inner Kreisau Circle resistance group, he is considered a significant figure in Catholic resistance to Nazism. Implicated in the failed 1944 July Plot to overthrow the Nazi Dictator Adolf Hitler, Delp was arrested, and sentenced to death. He was executed in 1945.