Friday, December 27, 2013

Open to Me, My Sister . . .

Even though you are asleep, if only Christ has come to know the devotion of your soul, he comes and knocks at her door and says, “Open to me, My sister.”  “Sister” is well put, because the marriage of the Word and the soul is spiritual.  For souls do not know covenants of wedlock or the ways of bodily union, but they are like the angels in heaven.  “Open to Me,” but close to strangers.  Close to the times, close to the world, do not go out of doors to material things, do not abandon your own light and search for another’s because material light pours out a dark mist, so that the light of true glory is not seen, “Open,” therefore, “to Me,” do not be open to the adversary or give place to the devil.  “Open yourself to me,” do not be confined, but expand, and I will fill you.  And because, in My passage through the world, I have found very much trouble and vexation and have not readily had a place to rest, do you then open, that the Son of man may rest His head on you, for He has no rest save on one who is humble and quiet.

~St Ambrose of Milan